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Time to Play

October 1, 2015

Dear readers,

These boxes are driving me nuts! I have a funny feeling they will be finish by the time the New Year roll in, no joking. Unboxing is not a problem but trying to organize and finding a place for all is not so easy. These are boxes for 13 years of togetherness and coming from always 5 bedroom houses/flat to now a two bed room flat that is pretty much open style. Throwing away so many things already even some props and backgrounds. Hoping someone find them and make good use of them. Still have tons more to go.

I have been trying to get in some exercise. Since I have been here I have been losing weight slowly which is great. With effort and none, lol. Tons of food here but am a picky eater. You would never know by looking at me. But I eat more junk then food. Here there are no junk food I am really into. Believe me I tried. Even my love for chips died here. Can’t find any salty chips. But funny thing is when I was in Germany for a few days last month I bought my salty chips on the first day and only ate a handful and threw away the rest. I was not into it anymore. I think this move will help me in many ways positively.

Yesterday I took a break from doing boxes and took selfies. I am typically not a selfie person. I enjoy taking photos of others and not so much myself. And when I do take photos of myself which is rare then I edit them, lol. The addiction of photoshop since digital cameras came out 🙂 These photos were made from my cell phone. I don’t have any energy to unpack my camera gears and spread them in this mess. Those box will be the last boxes I will touch.

Wishing everyone a great week and weekend.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

P.S. in two weeks I will be attending a fashion show if all goes well here in Turkey! Went to one in Paris and another in New York years ago so I am very excited!

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