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Dieting is like another Job

August 16, 2016

I swear I hate to diet and yes doing something everyday will turn into a habit that it no longer feel like work. But at the moment it feel as that to me. All I think about daily is food! What should I eat, that I have been doing meal plannings to keep myself organize. Which help me to avoid eating so much crap. Exercising daily and switching it up so that my body can rest a bit.

Some days I just want to say forget it and I have to remind myself how hard I work and in due timing I will reach my goal sometime next year. Feel like forever but time always fly.

Last week I have met one of my mini goal weight. Which is always a 20lbs lost. Some people do 50lbs as a mini goal. I do 20lbs. It does not take forever like 50lbs, lol. Each mini goal hit I change my hairstyle to symbolize a new me. Each mini goal I feel exhausted. I beat up my body so much from extreme exercising, sports (I play soccer),  and very long walks. Eating to darn healthy that I think my body goes into shock when I bite a piece of chocolate, lol, seriously. Therefore, after each mini goal I reward myself by resting a bit. Doing lite work out. Eating a nice size steak now and then and enjoy a scoop of ice cream if not a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I do this just for one week. So that the body can go back to a normal state and do what ever it needs to do internally. Then the following week I go back into beast mode. Crazy I know but it work! The body needs time to do what it needs to do to repair it self. It can not lose weight each week non stop without some type of damage. And as I mentioned after my mini goals my body feel extremely exhausted and yes I do take vitamins and I rarely take in caffeine. My body is just tired.

I need to get out of here and get dinner for the hubby for later, a new phone card package, while I get in some fresh air walking slowly in the heat. No power walk this week. Just an enjoyable people you can walk around me walk, I am in no hurry 🙂

Have a great day WP. I leave you with my new look at being 278lbs. Never in my life would I be happy to be at this weight. But coming from 430lbs (when I seeked help….only God know if my weight was higher because I literally stop weighing myself for years until I met my dietician in Germany).

Lora Victoria Fotografie, diet, weightloss

278lbs and proud. Have a long way to go but in due time I will get there no matter how long it takes!

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