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What’s Wrong with People

October 5, 2015

Dear Readers,

Turkey is truly another world. The organization is barely when when it comes to many things such as government buildings (I could tell you the story about my visa visit but I save that for another time when I actually do have a headache), driving, and so much more. But this post is not about organization. It is about people frame of mind. Not just in Turkey but all over to be quite blunt.

Bad experiences since I have been here:

  • Taxi drivers who rip you off if you are trying to get one in the tourist area. When out the tourist area it is very rare.
  • Recently, taxi driver who drop us off where we did not wanted to go and told us the store we are looking for is at the corner. (It was not…not even in the area!)
  • Recently again, taxi driver who you tell where you want to go and give them the name and address of the place for them to say that they don’t speak English but continue driving. Ah hello….where are you taking us too then if you don’t understand us and barely looked at our phone for the information we was giving you?!?! Time to get out and find another taxi driver.
  • Beggers who can’t take no for no but get mad when we don’t pay them for doing something we didn’t ask for. They don’t know they are messing with the wrong one.
  • Today, lady who made me go for a swim when I got back home. Needed to throw my tension somewhere. Flower lady who I felt sorry for that I wanted to help because she looked like a honest worker and she was selling flowers and not begging. Great day today, heck this weekend. Felt good. Went over to buy two bunches of flowers. She trying to convince me of a bunch of white roses I don’t like. I know she is trying to make a sale so I said I take these yellow daisy instead. So still three. 10tl each bundle. Total of 30. Paid her 50 because I had no change. She gave me back 10. Asked nicely for the other 10. She looked at me like I must be crazy. That is all I am getting. I looked at her like yeah right. Translator guy came over. Explained. The darn lady showed the guy I gave her 15tl. I am like no I gave you 5…0..50tl and you gave me back only 10. You owe me another ten. Couldn’t keep my cool any longer so my ghetto behavior came out in which I did not care. I don’t like a thief. I told her if she did not give me back my money I am going to call the police. I am sure she understood the word “police” if not anything else. My husband yelling for me to come one and just let her have it. I am like, “NO!”. I want back my money she can have back her flowers. I don’t want to buy from a person who steals from me. Give me back my money. I know I was loud and people came around. But I did not care. Got back my money and left complaining as she did too to the translator. People kills me. They see a nice smiley person and think oh she is nice, she is not from here, I can take from her. Hell naw! I been raised up in the street as my husband said tonight. I can be so quiet, so professional, but cross me badly or test my integrity I show you my other side which is not lovely at all. I don’t like thieves. I don’t like people who are rude to people. I don’t like people who are out of order and think it is funny. My husband said this is why we could never moved or visit Brazil. In Brazil he would be worry about me daily. That is another story.

I was going to post a photo of shame but I did that on my FB page already and like I mentioned early I swam her almost out my system. Before I end this post I don’t want you to think Turkey is an awful place. It is just different and people are people where ever you go. This is just me pointing out my bad experiences so far. I have a lot of good ones in which some I have wrote about already. I am just a person who write how I feel in the moment. I tend to express myself much better then. Good night WordPress. Wishing you all a great start in the week.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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