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What’s Going on with Me

April 13, 2017

Lora  Nothing much to be honest. My world is repetitious. I am still focus on my photography and my health. I have lost approximately 224lbs. I have 24lbs more to lose to be at my target goal. To be at physician target goal would be a bit more. But I am not aiming to be skinny. I am working out and eating healthy daily to be healthy. To not have joints problems and to be completely off my blood pressure pills. So far so good. It takes lot of tears, dedication, and sweat. Progress does not come fast as you want it or work hard for it but it does comes.

I have been socializing a lot. More than I have ever done in my life. Sometimes it feels like work but at the end of the day it all end well with two people or more enjoying each other time.

So what is going on in Turkey. Honestly nothing. Turkey is like any other country. It has it good days and bad days. At the moment it is election time. Hayir (no) and Evet (yes). Don’t ask what both stand for. I try my best any where I live to stay out of political discussion. It is good to understand what the debate is about. But I have no interest to voice an opinion.

I take photos daily of Turkey more so with my cell phone as I go for a walk to get in my steps. Once I organize them a bit I will post photos of Turkey to share with you. Just wanted to let you all know I am still living either though I been really quiet on here. And that life is still good. Naturally with bumps in the roads but nevertheless still good. Also would like to wish all of you a wonderful Easter holiday if you celebrate it or using the time to finally relax a bit.

Take care WordPress….until next time!

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  1. April 21, 2017 2:14 am

    You are such an inspiration!! I’m so happy for you, getting your health back. Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos!

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