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The Gooses that Attacke Me

April 19, 2014

I have been tremendously busy but have a lot to share. I will eventually do so once I slow down a bit when ever that may be. I just want to share briefly of what happen with me today because I have never in my life would ever thought I would be attack by a bird. Felt almost like the lady from Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Raven”. My storyboard of me being attack. This was the third hiking location I went to and these gooses ended my mood to continue hunting for places for today.
Big photo I thought how cute that they are coming to me. I can take their photos. Then a thought come to my mind when I can still hear them yelling and getting closer and closer fast. Oh crap, just stay still and they do nothing. I lied to myself. First small photo to the left both gooses attacking me on my left leg has I am trying to run and get away but still have the nerve to press my camera button. I am swinging my camera bag now to get them off me because they are still at it wings going crazy. I took my last photo screaming, swinging my camera bang not caring what fell out the little pockets, and running. Last small photo. This guy was close by on the bridge taking photo of the whole thing laughing and telling me to run in German. Finally got away for us to talk and he explained no one ever went down or close to the birds except little children who always try to break their eggs. They thought I was a threat once they seen me.  What a day!


Lora Victoria Fotografie - Happy Easter


Simple Rules to Live by

March 6, 2014

It is funnyhow I had wrote about “Cleaning your Heart, Soul, and Mind“. Then open up facebook to see this photo on one of my dear friend wall. Could not resist to share:

Rules to Live by

Image credit: Health24 on FB

Cleaning your Heart, Soul, and Mind

March 6, 2014

I have written about the lost of love ones and close friends many times but I have not written about cleansing one mind, heart, and soul. How many times have you allowed people to get under your skin and eventually cut them loose but their presents are somewhat there with you in your mind? I have learned with the loss of so many people I have care about that life is really too short to hold on to all the bullshit. Yes, you left the drama but that stench of shit (excuse my language) still travel with you. Cleanse your heart and mind and truly let go. Tell that person how you feel or just write a short note saying your sorry. You don’t have to explain yourself and all the drama starts again, just say that you are sorry is enough. Whether that person take the apology or not. Atleast ‘you’ knew you wrote the letter or send that email with a clean heart of wanting to apologize. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Purified yourself of that crap. You did your part your conscious, heart, and soul is now clean. When time to die you don’t have to think about all the negativity that have happen in your life or on unneeded people. Just your fantasy of the after world and how it may look like.

What is a Chili Cheese Burger

March 1, 2014

Germany Chili Cheese BurgerI have been going to small fast food joint close by always wanting to order their chili cheese burger and every time I go they are always out. Yesterday I went in and finally got my burger but not what this foreigner had thought it would be, lol. Ok, everyone who know Coney Island know what a chili cheese burger is and how one look like. That is what I was expecting. The lady came over to us and serve us our burgers. I told her this is not my order. I order a chili cheese burger. She explained to me the chili is in the cheese. I open up the burger and started to laugh she was right the chili (jalapenos) were in the cheese = chili cheese burger. I explain to her what an American chili cheese burger is and she sent her husband the cook over and he said in Germany that is a chili con carne burger. If I like they can place that on the menu. I told them cool I be back in a couple of weeks. Funny though what a foreigner have in their head of anticipation and what it really is in another country. Laugh my butt off still thinking about it. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

My Favorite shoots

February 26, 2014

I am finally finish editing and need to clean up this chaos in my flat that sneak up on me every week after a photo shoot. Instead I will take a nap soon and then get up and clean. Not like the mess is going anywhere:)
As you know I love photography. I love the art, creativity, meeting new people, and the emotions. Last week I had a couple photo shoot that melt my heart. They were just too cute together. It reminds me of my husband and I when we were so playful until life grab us by the belt and tons of planning for our future came into play. Playful now is on the weekend after a shoot when we can enjoy each other company.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing boudoir, nudes, theme, events, maternity, babies, fashion shoots, you name it. But I love capturing the raw moment of two people who are in love. And getting them to do things on camera they have not done together in years. The reaction from it is always hilarious. Would I ever just do only couple shoots….naw. Limitation is not me, I enjoy the other shoots as well because you can find beauty (not superficial beauty, but in depth beauty) in every shoot without looking too far.
Couple shootLora Victoria Fotografie

Are you Truly a good Friend

February 25, 2014

I am going to try to make this short. My friend is coming to pick me up so that we can go walking and to give me a break from editing.

I hear so many times from starting photographers that they lose friends down the line once they start to establish themselves. Friends that are also in the same field. It is like one is competing silently with the other. Instead of being happy or supportive. They talk behind their photographer friends back with other photographers. And instead of supporting each other by advice they are mean about it. I think it is awful that people in the same field no matter what it is can not support each other with a clean heart. Everything must be a competition.

Your competition should be yourself to push yourself to rise not to push yourself to rise and push others down as you rise. That is distasteful in my opinion. Also the opposite…you’re not doing well as you like therefore you want to drag others down with you. Awful!!! Whether your a friend or acquaintance if you start off right as being good to a person then you should not feel any threat about that person but joy about that person success. I will never understand it. I would say if that person turn out not to be a good friend or associate down the line, fill with negative, talking about you behind your back, and not supporting … wipe your hands clean. They are not worth the stress. Wrap yourself with others who are there for you. Friends are not the amount that you have. Friends are about who is there whether near or far and being a positive vibe in your life.

Enough said, I got to go! Have a great day WordPress.

Photographers are Action Hoarders

February 18, 2014

Photographers are action hoarders. There are two main programs photographers use which are Light Room and Photoshop. Both programs use actions presets very heavily which result into a lot of money and later we tend not to use them at all. They are all nice in the beginning and we are excited when we see the examples on another photographer or seller photos. It is like a must to have. But when you buy the actions and use it on your own photos it does not always give the same look. You have to tweak it a lot. Then eventually some photographer as myself use only a few settings in the actions bought which is like 30% of what came with the action pack. Which so feel like a waste of money. Almost like buying a CD.

Therefore, I have been creating my own actions for a while now. I have been tweaking and mixing actions that I like and would normally use for so many of my photos, whether to start it or end it with a polish look or dramatic look. Don’t get me wrong I have seen a few actions that interest me in which I would like to try out, but for now I am okay with my action mixture as I call it, lol. Below is a recent shoot with a before and after photo. I added on a canvas touch to it since I like how it looked like a painting. The exact photo on facebook does not have the canvas texture. If you would like to take a swing over and take a look and compare you are more than welcome too. There you will see many recent photos I use my action mixture on as well. Lora Victoria Fotografie
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