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Hot Enough for You

September 18, 2014

Chili pepperIt feels good to hang out with a good friend now and then. I have been neglecting myself from enjoying the sunlight with friends. I am always on a photo shoot if not editing. I promise myself in the beginning of the year I would socialize more. I started as so then my love of photography took over. This week I am starting off fresh but will try  not to over do it.

My friend Max and I met up for a lite lunch. It was a beautiful day with nice cool breeze blowing. I could not resist and take some photos of the people in the area and of Max. I love lifestyle shooting because it is real. No posing, not looking sterile. What you see is pretty much what you get. In our plates was a chili pepper. Max joked and played around with it and then it got interesting that I bust out laughing at every click. Even now when I see a chili pepper I bust out laughing, :DChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepper Chili pepper anyone? :)

One of my Dreams came True Two Weeks Ago

August 20, 2014

I have my home studio!!! Real home studio!!! Yes, I have made my own studio with cloth background and gadgets I place together from Home improvement shops (I am a really handy chick. I build my own stuff many days. I learned well from my mom :) ) I used my off camera flashes because that was all that I had and it did well. Now I have all the gears I dreamed. My husband had gave me an amount for our 10 years anniversary and even surprised me and higher the amount by telling me stop being so cheap get all that I  need and buy good quality gears that will last long, don’t look so much at the price….but remember Christmas is around the corner and we are building a house. That made me think smarter or I would really get “all” that I wanted, LOL.

Where I live at the moment is a nice size flat but not big as what I am use to in the State. We need one more level for that. It is big as one level in the State but two would be nicer for all the crap I have.

Snap shots of my flat (partial photos taking when we first moved in. All photos rooms are not shown in this snapshot. It is a big size... five bed room flat that we made into two since we don't need tons of bedrooms. We made one into my office, one into my studio, another into a huge walk in closet, our sleep room, and naturally one into a guest room. People who visit is wow of how big our flat is since it is not the typical one level flat size for Germany but for us it was close to what we had in the State with one less level I so miss. ) when before we remove that awful red and place our favorite red on. Every house we lived in was always a few red room. It is a must! Yes, we are colorful people. I love color walls. Normally I don't share stuff like this to others than close friends or family members but we won't be here next year. I share with you two reasons when time comes:)

Snap shots of my flat (partial photos taking when we first moved in. All rooms are not shown in this snapshot. It is a big size… five bed room flat that we made into two since we don’t need tons of bedrooms. We made one into my office, one into my studio, another into a huge walk in closet, our sleep room, and naturally one into a guest room. People who visit is wow of how big our flat is since it is not the typical one level flat size for Germany but for us it was close to what we had in the State with one less level I so miss. ) when before we remove that awful red and place our favorite red on. Every house we lived in had always a few red room. It is a must! Yes, we are colorful people. I love color walls. Normally I don’t share stuff like this to others than close friends or family members but we won’t be here next year. I share with you two reasons when time comes:)

Even the basement is full that I am literally afraid to go down there to grab anything out and waiting for something to fall ontop of me. Yeah that full. Therefore, I had to choose the room wisely and move all my stuff if not pack them on top of each other to make space. It took a week to do that as I was fighting in my head of not wanted to move anything but knew it needed to be move or that it will magical moved it self as I sat there staring at it. Nope it did not budge, LOL. I had an appointment for my first shoot two weeks ago and time was getting close. I made up my mind to move my butt into gear and move things around for everything to fit well with out feeling cramp. I was totally happy to see the result and proud of myself. The first shoot was a success! The model could move easily, more things such as props could be added into the room and it fit 4 people comfortable as we were shooting. Since my home studio I had two models with different themes and one coming tomorrow for her shoot making three so far in a short time. The weather is beautiful outside; a bit chilly but that is not the reason I am shooting at home when I can shoot outside in which I actually do both. Certain themes need certain situation, lighting, and etc. I love outdoor shooting because of nature and many possibilities of backgrounds. But I love indoor shooting as well because I love using lights/controlling the sun and adding drama to my photos. Once I have edit all the three studio shoots I will share one of each. I have actually three photos on my photo page Lora Victoria Fotografie on Facebook of the photos I have taking in my home studio so far. She was my first model to work with me in my professional home studio and all of us love the result. No more renting studio for me unless the client/model need to have something I don’t have at home.

I must get off the internet. Tomorrow shoot will have four themes and I need to see if I have everything and organize the set up. Wishing you all a beautiful week!


Lora Victoria Fotografie

Others See More than What you See

August 10, 2014

For the last few months I have been asked if I am interested to do an exhibition of my work. I think it is strange that people would just ask me that. As I see my work as okay and not top as other photographers I admire. Even today after a shoot I was asked again. Then something in me had said perhaps later this year or next year but my work is just okay for her to say, “no I have seen your work and a few others that was taking by you from a colleague and the photos are in great taste and beautiful”. I ofcourse ask what is the name of that person. As I literally am over book. Every week I have 4-5 photograph sessions and by the time I finish editing all of the session or even half it is time again for another shoot. Crazy right? I need a vacation from editing and photo shooting atleast three days, but who am I fooling. I will get so bored and be itching to  take photos as it is my passion. I have a few theme shoots I would love to do but can’t get to do them as yet because I have no time for my personal work.

The day I do an exhibition I will let you know. I have tons of photos I do not post to FB. Sorry to say FB is a playground for me to post and share a few shoots but not all. Plus not all photos are viewable for FB without offending a person base on how they think. And last I am so tired of FB compressing many of the photos and making it look like crap. Many days I shake my head and say forget it. The clients/models, everyone are models to me, when they get the photos they see they have high quality photos and not compressed crap as shown on FB. I must laugh writing that because I do get sometime emails thanking me for the photos and how they love it and what a difference it is from FB. I tell them FB is for a sneak peek, lol, nothing more.

I am about to get off here. I have to deliver three shoots by this Friday and two more by Monday as I have mentioned shoots are building up on each other and I have literally more shoots than that to be edit but everyone has their due dates of when the photos will be deliver. I am a person who keep to my word and wish for no one to be thinking why are their photos not coming on time. For me that is unprofessional. You give a client a date, then as a photographer or any other profession, you should have everything  finish and ready by date giving.


Wishing you all a great week!

Lora Victoria Fotografie


July 29, 2014

I posted this on my photo page “Lora Victoria Fotografie” and I would like to share it here as well.

First I must say I thank everyone for liking my page and supporting my work by modeling, assisting me, giving me great advices (you know who you are…thank you). commenting, pressing like, and referring people to me. I appreciate all of you! I would not be getting so many opportunities to do what I love without any of you and ofcourse hard work. Mom and Heinz I am talking about both of you as well.
This morning I ran across a link that made me smile and would like to share. We all must start somewhere and later in life with dedication, hard work, and the passion to continue learning we will continue advancing ourselves. Therefore if you have a passion, it does not matter what it is, stick with it, work hard on it, and make it into reality. Then later in life look how far you have came. Cry, laugh, pat your self on the back and be proud because baby you are accomplishing your dreams/goals!

Article link:


Lora Victoria FotografieOn Facebook I didn’t had time to share my progression, due to limiting my time on Facebook because I have a lot of shoots I need to edit, but others that have been following along with me from the beginning know my development with photography.

In 2012 I had my first photographer group shoot with lighting. I was so excited and happy with the result because lighting was new to me and I seen the difference from natural lighting and using strobes. My addiction with using and learning how to create effects with lighting grew then.

2013 I started doing a lot of studio shoots to perfect the use of lighting for different effects and mood. For that you have to check out my FB photo page. I have different effects on there. Then eventually I took it out to do night shootings which are my favorites shoots. I am like a big kid and for me lights in the background is dreamy. 2014 I feel as if I master lighting. I know when to use flashes and when not too. I understood the strength to use for editing I like. Don’t get me wrong I use natural lighting as well but using flash is my love because as a candle I can set the mood when I want.

I have came a long way in a short time and very proud of myself.  I invest in what I love, literally work on it everyday, and have people around me physically and online that support my work. I will always say don’t compare yourself to anyone. It really doesn’t make sense. We all have our weakness and our strength. Yes ofcourse have inspiration but develop your own sense of style. You are y0ur own competition. Strive to be the best, work hard at what you love, and all will fall in place in due time.


I need to get back to editing. Wishing you all a great week!

Lora Victoria Fotografie

A Nice Weekend Visit

July 15, 2014

friendYesterday I was on hype and wanted to write about my weekend but then later I crashed and lost the mood of writing. Eventually fell asleep at the hands of my keyboard. A few months ago a model contact me and asked me if I am interested to do a shoot with her. This is the model that live almost three hours away. The model I was so nervous to photo shoot last year. The model who is a pro and been modeling for years. I was so honor she asked me and I naturally said, “yes, ofcourse!”

The weather in Germany has been crappy lately, at least on my side. Every weekend I am moving a shoot to the upcoming weekend which is making my weekend a bit full and crazy. I was planning to take a break next month as I need to do a few things for myself but things have move all the way to September not counting the weddings and bridal party I will be doing in October. I also have a model who lives a few hours away who will be coming to me in August for a special calendar shoot. I am excited about that! Not only will my work be in that calendar but I also have three pages/months of the Tattoo and Animal calender. I can’t wait to show my mother my work. I might not be too busy posting on Fb but I am definitely busy in the background crying my eyes out for sleep but crazy me smiling once the result is done and giving to say clients and models.

I have a lot more to write about my weekend and some tips share with me that I would like to share with you. But I really need get back to editing. Once I get room for air I will post again. Wishing all you readers a great week!

Busy but Loving it

June 24, 2014

I have not wrote a blog post in months. A friend email today and asked me where have I been she don’t see me much online. I explained to her I am online but very briefly to check emails, respond back, and to see how friends are doing. I have too many photos to edit and honestly don’t want to spend all my days stuck infront of the computer whether working or fooling around on it. The weather have been really decent here to enjoy and that is what I do when I take a little breaks from editing. I have learned to balance in a bit of a social life and go out with new and old friends but honestly more so that are in the area since it is easier to get to them and viversa and chill in the park if not an ice cafe.

So what have I been doing beside editing photos. Honestly nothing really just the same thing all the time. I have 3-4 photo shoots ever week, 5 a couple of weeks ago. I am doing a calendar shoot as last year. This year I have been asked if I could do three pages for the calendar and ofcourse I said hecky ya! I have been working with a few business for their products, advertisement, webpage, and etc which I think is freaken awesome. My name is getting around and people see I am capable to take more than a model photograph. Don’t get me wrong I love photographing people but to be able to work with a big company and ofcourse a few small ones as well to me is freaking awesome. Some of the companies I have work for so far could work with anyone but a few people referred me to the head bosses and they looked over my work and spoke to me boom! There are so many things currently and have happen in my life photography wise.

The month of September and October if all continue working out I will be doing two weddings and have been request from one to do a bridal shower. I am so looking forward to all of this and have prepare myself already for everything. It is funny though how I met one of the bride and groom. They are a friend of a model I photograph I think two or three times. He referred his friends to me for a photo shoot. It was there first professional photo shoot and they were very please. What I did not know is that I was being tested. A week after the shoot the groom ask me would I like to be his wedding photographer and gave me details, but to not tell his soon to be wife. She asked him to asked me and he told her I am all book out, which is believable because I really am all book out until the middle of August and ofcourse a couple of shoots plan for September, October, and December already. He want her to be surprise on the wedding day when she see my face. I told him I am good at keeping my mouth shut. So I can’t wait see her face when time come.

So many thing to do, to edit, to shoots as usual I am lacking sleep but it is all worth it. Wishing you all a great week!

Oh yeah before I go, do you remember me writing about a model who lives more than 2 hours away last year who drove to me to take her photos. Well she will be doing it again next month. She contacted me and I told her ofcourse I would love to take her photos plus I enjoyed working with her. Feel so honor.

The Gooses that Attacke Me

April 19, 2014

I have been tremendously busy but have a lot to share. I will eventually do so once I slow down a bit when ever that may be. I just want to share briefly of what happen with me today because I have never in my life would ever thought I would be attack by a bird. Felt almost like the lady from Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Raven”. My storyboard of me being attack. This was the third hiking location I went to and these gooses ended my mood to continue hunting for places for today.
Big photo I thought how cute that they are coming to me. I can take their photos. Then a thought come to my mind when I can still hear them yelling and getting closer and closer fast. Oh crap, just stay still and they do nothing. I lied to myself. First small photo to the left both gooses attacking me on my left leg has I am trying to run and get away but still have the nerve to press my camera button. I am swinging my camera bag now to get them off me because they are still at it wings going crazy. I took my last photo screaming, swinging my camera bang not caring what fell out the little pockets, and running. Last small photo. This guy was close by on the bridge taking photo of the whole thing laughing and telling me to run in German. Finally got away for us to talk and he explained no one ever went down or close to the birds except little children who always try to break their eggs. They thought I was a threat once they seen me.  What a day!


Lora Victoria Fotografie - Happy Easter



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