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Body Image Distortion

December 15, 2014

Dear Readers,

I want to talk about a topic I write so often about, “Body Distortion”.  I work with a lot of models professional and hobbyist. And in my normal life I listen to both men and women telling me what they don’t like about themselves. Yes, granted we are human we will find some or many faults about ourselves. For some reasons we are not happy with who we are. Now I am not talking about the outer appearance. I am talking also about the inner. Because beauty for me start from the inside and will shine outward.

When a person have a clean heart, friendly, doing things for others not looking for a return, and so many other positive things. You are beautiful to me. I can never meet you and talk to you over the internet or snail mail you for years and tell you how beautiful you are.  Outer appearance is nothing when you are not beautiful inside and treat everyone the same even the person who gets on your last nerve. Looks comes and go. No matter how much expensive clothing we use to adorn ourselves, makeup we use, or plastic surgery.

It truly hurt me when I hear a person telling me that they will get surgery not for their health but to please others, for vanity, or for money. This tell me that they don’t love themselves as they should. Not saying a person must be conceited because even the most conceited person have flaws and will quickly point it out. I think God made us the way we look for a reason.  Whether born not to walk, not to see the beauty in the world but to sense it around us, to have hips that knock people out the way, no buns to slide into smaller area, bigger breasts to capture men attention, or smaller breast for men to see how beautiful your eyes shines in the light. We are all made into perfection whether we see it that way or not. People please love yourself. Your imperfection is perfection. Love your body, love yourself, and accept all that you have or don’t have.

People blame body distortion on the media, I blame it on being greedy. Wanting what others around you have and not being happy in your own skin which is only your temple or better yet shell that transform while our body is on earth. I would so like to hug everyone who come in my path and tell you, “Baby you are perfect. You are beautiful!”

Another quick note  I would like to say, “I have another publication coming out in 2015. It is an erotic publication that will be in magazines, on the net, and where else the publisher choose to showcase the photos. I am super excited and the model is too. Last year I have been publish in a Tattoo Magazine, Newspaper, Catalog, and Calendar.  Next year my work will be in many viewer homes again in different medias. Who say hard work does not pay off. I say bring on 2015 with ton of positive energy, completed goals, success, love, wants and desire to come true, and getting rid of body distortion!”

Wishing you all a great week!


Lora Victoria Fotografie

A great Christmas Love Song

November 22, 2014

Dear Reader,

I love X-mas. Not the holiday or present part but more so the decoration. Each year I decorate my home once Halloween is over. As I love Halloween too:)

Why not wait until after Thanksgiving because for me Thanksgiving does not exist. We should be grateful and give thanks every breath we take as soon as we wake up. Life is not promise to anyone and having the opportunity for another day, another second to share it with someone or to do one more thing in life. No matter how repetitive it maybe. We should give thanks. All we do in life make an impact on someone whether we know it or not.

However this blog post is not about that. This blog post is about a song I heard this afternoon cleaning my kitchen that I had to dance with my mop. I have been playing it on Youtube back to back for the past hour or so now. That is how much I love it. I want you to listen to it. Grab your life partner, your child, your pet, or a broom and just listen to it and dance.

Thinkiing out loud
Ed Sheeran


If you are wondering what have I been up to, the same old thing :) Life is good:) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and for all the readers who are reading this please keep warm, bundle up, and be safe. I been watching the news and been seeing that many of were buried underneath 3-7 feet of snow. My thoughts are with all of you!



Lora Victoria Fotografie

Hecky Ja

October 18, 2014

Dear Readers,

Today was a cool cool day! As you know I have been doing private shoots, shoots for my future  exhibit, and shoots I always wanted to make but did not felt I was ready as yet because for certain shoots I needed a good makeup and hairstylist,  a certain editing style which I think I finally got it pin down. Not 100% there yet but “fast da”  (almost there), as the German would say.  I have been planning this shoot mentally for years but found the perfect models two months ago. All my shoots are preplanned calendar wise. I book early in advance my shoots but at certain timing because I notice customers want a particular time frame. Therefore I leave opening time for clients and schedule fun at certain time periods for myself.

I am sure you are wondering what the shoot was about today. Well all I can say it is a lifestyle shoot. The weather has been good and bad; nevertheless, still decent enough for outdoor shootings. I will continue my best to do many outdoor shoots as I can before I hibernate, lol. The models I work with were very brave and had the right attitude. Some of my ideas was a bit crazy but they still rock the shoot and did it which create awesome photos. Tonight I will organize the photos and after tomorrow shoots I will start editing today shoot and still the wedding shoot. I am buried in many edits  and shoots, but I am getting everyone photos out to them on time as promise.

if you would like to see a photo of the shoot keep an eye open to  Facebook “Lora Victoria Fotografie” page. I will post a photo there not sure which one as yet and the remaining I will keep for my webpage to showcase my work to clients.

I hope the sun is shining on your side of the world. About to get back to work shortly. Wising you all a wonderful weekend!


Lora Victoria Fotografie


P.S. Hecky Ja ist Hecky Yes :)….Ja = yes in Deutsch

Feeling Bless

October 5, 2014

Dear Readers,
Weddings Lora Victoria Fotografie

On Friday night I had a moment of being thankful and feeling bless. Don’t get me wrong I am thoughtful of many things everyday and grateful of every blessing that comes my way. I was taking a shower and broke down and cried. These were not sad tears leaving my eyes but happy tears.

I have work with so many models that help me get to were I am because of their patience, time, and support. Without them, my husband, my loving family and friends, FB supporters, and many of you. I would not get to where I am now. Ofcourse hard work and lack of sleep is thrown in the mix. This year I have done 4 weddings and next weekend will be 5. This is a dream of many license photographers who want to do wedding events. I feel bless that people trust me to capture precious memories. I feel bless to be a license photographer. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love. I feel bless each time a person ask me to capture memories that will go to generation and generation after.

I feel bless and I am thankful/grateful!

Lora Victoria Fotografie

What are your 3 wishes

October 1, 2014

Dear Readers,
3 Wishes
I tend to be a curious person of nature. Sometime curiosity is a good thing and other time not so much. I tend to wonder at times if I was a Genie (if I spelled that right) what would people wish for. Would if be the superficial money, being love, having a child, fixing something that happen in the past, wishing for a better future, being able to walk, wishing to live another person life not knowing how their life really is behind close doors, or just wishing for good health?

For me wishes are not wants but high desires. Something that always come up creeping in your brain and for you to think about it always because it has a purpose and a strong meaning behind it. A want is something you can live without and don’t think much about it. Eventually the feeling goes away. That is the difference in my opinion of want vs high desire.

What would my general wishes be if I had 3:
1. I wish for people to love and respect each other no matter how different/alike we are.
2. I wish there would be a cure for every disease, sickness, and ailment out there. That everyone could live a healthy life and die of natural cause/freak accidents/old age.
3. I wish that people can learn to be happy with what they have in life and be happy for others. Instead of trying to place bad energy on someone else by wishing them to fail. For them to get up off their ass and stop complaining how unfair/bad the world is. Nothing will change if actions are not taking.

What would my 3 wishes be for myself:
Well they are quite personal. I have share them in conversation with close friends and love ones. People who know me pretty much know without me even saying it. However I will share one. One of my wish for myself is to be a better person. This wish is so broad. It means many things to me. At times it hit me pretty bad when my mind is free. Perhaps this is the reason I stay busy not to dwell on how life is at times. Don’t get me wrong I have a handsome life but a few things need to be work on and it must start with me or there would be no change = not a better me.

So what would your three wishes be for you…what is your highest desire you dwell on? I know you have a few.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

Awesome Week and Weekend

September 21, 2014

This week started off nicely with Max and ending great with a girls night on the town (now Netflix with the hubby…thank you Gypsyscarlett )

I had wanted to take my camera along with me but I  told myself no. Number one it is really heavy around the neck, tons of drunk people are out int he big city, and when I have my camera I tend not to socialize much.  Yesterday started off with a water shoot. I love water shoots. they are so beautiful and dreamy. The weather been a bit cold and my crazy buns been in ice cold water. Plus I honestly don’t mind even when I get sick from it. If I can capture the beauty of the model and the surrounding I am going to be neck high in water with numbs body parts. Heck as I tell my models I will freeze with them. Yesterday shoot was nice but it was nice because my friend and I shoot together. I must say most of my friends are techy,  swavy, creative, smart, beautiful in and outward friends. I am very bless to have them in my life and for them to accept me for who I am.

After photographing a beautiful model together I went home to take a shower to get ready for a bachelorette party to photograph. There were 25 people and the theme was a Holi bachelorette party. It was so much fun. My first bachelorette party and I am sure not the last. Next month I have two weddings to do. I am so freaking excited!  After the party I went straight to meet up with my friend and her friends. I must say my friend and her friends are beautiful! It was a great night fill with laughter.  Looking forward for another ladies night in December!

Lora Victoria FotografiePhotos have not been edited. Straight from camera with my logo added on. Wising you all a great week!

Hot Enough for You

September 18, 2014

Chili pepperIt feels good to hang out with a good friend now and then. I have been neglecting myself from enjoying the sunlight with friends. I am always on a photo shoot if not editing. I promise myself in the beginning of the year I would socialize more. I started as so then my love of photography took over. This week I am starting off fresh but will try  not to over do it.

My friend Max and I met up for a lite lunch. It was a beautiful day with nice cool breeze blowing. I could not resist and take some photos of the people in the area and of Max. I love lifestyle shooting because it is real. No posing, not looking sterile. What you see is pretty much what you get. In our plates was a chili pepper. Max joked and played around with it and then it got interesting that I bust out laughing at every click. Even now when I see a chili pepper I bust out laughing, :DChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepperChili pepper Chili pepper anyone? :)


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