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The Vampire Diaries

May 8, 2015

Dear Readers,

As I edit I enjoy watching Netflix. The recent series I have finish watching is “The Vampire  Diaries”. It is a must see. It started off as a teen love story. Full with sex, drinking, and parties. Jealousy, hate, secrets, and betrayal came into the mix. All great combination of a great series. Where there is vampires there must be werewolves and mystic power from beyond.

On Germany Netflix there are 5 part series. On one series I was like please kill her she is getting irritated. On two series it spoke about the importance of family. Whether they was an ass or not. We all make mistake in life and in time we all must learn to forgive and let go. The bond of family and friendship was emphase in each series in which I loved. I cried on many parts. Especially when love concur all. If you have not seen this show it is like so worth it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Lora Victoria Fotografie

P.S. if you are into Vamp shows Season 2 of Penny Dreadful is now airing on Netflix.

How to get your Photos Publish

May 1, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have been asked by a few people how is it that I get so many of my photos publish. Therefore I will share with you a few tips. It all start from the season, location, atmosphere, sign agreement you can use the photos, and subject (person or thing). Once those have been organize and photos made then what I think is very important is how you save your images. The way I save my images on my many storage drives is different from many photographers.

I have my photo save as portfolio00 for each storage drive and ofcourse continue on with portfolio01 and etc. In each portfolio I have two folders call Studio and Outdoor with the year. Inside those folder I have a folder call Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In those folders I have the model names. Why so technical you might ask. For me this is my organization. Many magazine and company want seasonal photos. Some don’t care.

When you search for a magazine make sure to choose a magazine that represent you and your work. Some company want you to pay for submission and others don’t. Many magazines do a trade for trade. Your photos for publishing your name and work. Which is great! Some company will pay you, publish, your name and work. Which is really great! Some magazines will only post your photos online such as FB, blog, or their webpage. Others will only post in their magazine. Sometimes in all categories. This is another reason to read carefully their guidelines because it state precisely what they want from your end and what will happen on theirs.

When your photos is organize into seasonal you can always use older photos you have taking for submission years later. But make sure they are your best photos. If they need to be reedited do so. We all grow and get better as the years go by, so let your work show your present style. Seasonal just allow you to quickly find what ever theme the magazine want. Because your are quicker to remember a shoot than remembering what model you use for a shoot.

These are my quick tips to get publish and the very last one is try to take many variation of the shoot with the subject. When I first began making ideas and photos for magazines I did not know that so many magazines wanted different variation of the same theme by having different looks. So please do not forget variation. Let your subject know that you will need them for 2-4 hours the most and why, when working on magazine submissions. I won’t stay create only photos that are creative or stand out. I have seen many submissions that was very ordinary and nothing to get excited for. But the publisher is the one who choose base on what is needed for the editorial. Wishing you all success in getting publish and when you are not publish your first few try no biggy. Really, because you have thousand and thousand magazines to try to hand your work too.

Have a great weekend,

Lora Victoria Fotografie

Spring is here

April 24, 2015

Dear Reader,

Das sonne scheint, die blumen blume, und das Madchen sing la la la, lol. This is a saying I say to myself every April since living in Germany. “The sun shine, the flower bloom, and the little girls sing la, la, la:) I guess I am the little girl, LOL. As you all know I love shooting in nature. Because of the versatile background. I love the studio too because I control the lighting and get what I exactly want, but there is nothing compare to having a different background and atmosphere such as standing in nature.

I ofcourse have plans to work in both environment as always but I will try my best to get some of my outside photo projects done before July, if I can. Many of the models I work with have asked me to please do a shoot with them before I leave and I have promise some others last year in which I have not gotten to as yet. So it will be a bit tiring for me but I like to keep my words. They are all good people and without them I would not be where I am now. One should never forget the people who help them in life.

I know that I am not the typical photographer. I literally have a list of shoots in my head that I want to do and check off. I even send off a list to the regular models so if they have an interest in any shoot they would email me and let me know. For example yesterday I was so surprise that one of my favorite models (I do have a few). This one is the one who did the cancer shoot with me, to honor my friend that died. She contacted me to asked me if I am still interested to do a shoot on my list I gave to her two years ago. Because she has been watching my pages and have not seen it done as yet. I told her of course. She said great because she has been saving bags for a very long time now thinking of me. Now that is freaking awesome of her. I too have been saving bags. So perhaps next month you will see the shoot on my page when all work out well. Love that chicky. It is funny in a way, not haha way, the people you meet in life. Some start off as business and other last to friendship if not great associates.

Another shoot I will be doing in May will be more for the gallery I will hold when I come back in three years. A friend and I have been working on  creating images to be in a gallery together. Sadly it won’t happen together. We both are moving far from each other and when I come back she will then be back in the State. She is a great painter. She take photos and then paint them. You would look at the images and say wow. With my twisted mind of the body and life in a gallery together with her would be mind blowing. We still talk that we both must continue with our dreams and to still do the gallery, even when it is by ourselves. The model that will do the shooting in May, if all goes well, like my crazy ideas. So we will see. Sorry those photos will not be on FB because it is not meant for the FB audience. I am not as brave as other photographers that can display certain images of nudity on their pages. The audience I know I have on my page are more family orientated, business people, and young adults. I do have some people who like my page who don’t care about nudity as it is nothing but they are a very small percentage. This is why I don’t post the human body on my page. It would get reported as it does in some other FB group which is for showing the body because FB guideline of the nipples are broking, like OMG people really nipples! We don’t report photos with men and their nipples why report photos of females nipples. People are so backward and these are photographers!

I can go on longer and catch you up but I will quickly summarize. Working with the guy company is great. Taking photos of products, houses, and meeting new people each shoot. That is keeping me busy with my own customers, thank you God for your blessings, and for working with models on my projects. My photos also will be in a publication again in a Magazine.The choice is up to the publisher. So as usual I am excited to see which ones they will be displaying in their magazines. Every time my work is publish by a company catalog, magazines, show case on a site with other top photographers, or hit newspaper I feel so bless. Why, because it shows me that people really like my work to publish it and that my work is good (or as my friends and husband would say, your work is not good but great! People can get good work any where but great work is harder to find and has value). That reminds me of a another post I been meaning to write about, perhaps next time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend fill with sunshine.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

Capturing your Life through a Window without Asking Permission

April 11, 2015

Dear Readers,

How would you feel if someone capture your daily life through their lens and through your windows? Would you be fine with it? Would you call it art? Granted nothing was captured or display of you in the nude. The only thing capture was your daily living, out of respect not showing your face.

I am a photographer and I believe there are different level of what can be consider art. I know taking photos of daily living without posing are the best photos one can take because it is “real”. I would not like to be watched unknowingly or knowingly of my daily activity. I find it creepy.

A photographer had done a project photographing his neighbors through their windows. The photos I have to say are beautiful and tastefully made. But the thing is that he never asked any of the neighbors who photos he took. When a woman found out that her family was a part of the project after seeing the photos she took this photographer to court and the photographer won. I will leave you with the link and you can look it up to do farther reading.

I am about to rest. It has been a long week and next week will be the same. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

Happy Easter

April 2, 2015

Dear Readers,

Wishing you all a wonderful Good Friday and Easter weekend

Lora Victoria Fotografie


Lora Victoria Fotografie

I am addicted

March 31, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have like so many addictions it is crazy! I am sure  many of you do too:) I have wrote about a few in past post. One of my main addiction is buying magazines each months. I dare not to even count how much money I spend on magazine per year. I am sure I would make myself a bit sad thinking I could of bought my dream lens by now or two.  I love fashion, hair,  and cooking magazines. The cooking one has slow down a great deal but I still do buy one occasionally if I am in the mood or see something on the cover that grab my attention. But my favorite magazine of all time is Vogue. Everyone who know me know I am a Vogue girl. Still working to get my photos to look almost Vogueish, lol. Still have a way to go but not too far:) My love for Vogue is so great that I use it on photo shoots for models to use it for props and have it laying out on my table for models to get some posing ideas. One of my friend for my birthday surprise me with a gift wrap huge Vogue book. If you ever want to make me cry like a baby, that will do it. My mouth was on the floor that day, saying thank you tons of time, hugging over and over again, and crying with my emotional silly self.

Before I move I will for sure unpack one of my storage bin of magazines and do a magazine shoot. I am sure you see these type of shoot all over the internet so nothing really new.  I just plan to have a little spin off from the norm from what you see all over the net. Keep an eye open:)

What is your addictions? Can you use it for inspirations for your work, goals, or to help another?

Have a great week WordPresser. I leave you with one of my favorite song I am listening over and over while editing, because it is just one of those days: )

David Guetta – What I Did for Love feat Emeli Sandé (Audio Lyric)


Lora Victoria Fotografie

I got it!

March 27, 2015

Very short post. About to go to bed. Today my husband surprised me with the two softboxes on my list. I was in total shock (so happy I did not buy them, lol). I have one more light gear thingy on my list but it would rarely be used anyway so not a big biggy. All I have now will give me the effects I want in my images.

I got a company photo shoot job today. Hubby and I had a meeting with a guy and he asked what do we do. I told him and my husband started to brag about me. If I could turn red, I would, like geeze wheez honey, really, stop it, lol. It was so nice of my husband. If you could hear how proud he was of me. He is like my number one fan who is so critical and honest with me. I gave him my business card so that he could see the quality of my photos. We parted and went our separate way for lunch and after lunch we met again to finalize a few things. He told me he looked at my website and would like to do business with me. You just don’t know how that made my day! This could be long term. Well for three months when he need my service and if all goes well when I come back too.

Maybe I will get my camera and dream lens that I so want. It is a rumor Mark4 will be coming out the end of this year. If it is true I can wait. I hate to get the 3 and then the four comes out. But I do so much want my dream lens with or without the new camera. The camera I have been using have been doing great by me. I have no problem not to update it for a while if not needed to.

WordPresser have a great weekend!




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