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I got it!

March 27, 2015

Very short post. About to go to bed. Today my husband surprised me with the two softboxes on my list. I was in total shock (so happy I did not buy them, lol). I have one more light gear thingy on my list but it would rarely be used anyway so not a big biggy. All I have now will give me the effects I want in my images.

I got a company photo shoot job today. Hubby and I had a meeting with a guy and he asked what do we do. I told him and my husband started to brag about me. If I could turn red, I would, like geeze wheez honey, really, stop it, lol. It was so nice of my husband. If you could hear how proud he was of me. He is like my number one fan who is so critical and honest with me. I gave him my business card so that he could see the quality of my photos. We parted and went our separate way for lunch and after lunch we met again to finalize a few things. He told me he looked at my website and would like to do business with me. You just don’t know how that made my day! This could be long term. Well for three months when he need my service and if all goes well when I come back too.

Maybe I will get my camera and dream lens that I so want. It is a rumor Mark4 will be coming out the end of this year. If it is true I can wait. I hate to get the 3 and then the four comes out. But I do so much want my dream lens with or without the new camera. The camera I have been using have been doing great by me. I have no problem not to update it for a while if not needed to.

WordPresser have a great weekend!



Be True to yourself

March 25, 2015

Dear Readers,

I would like to start off by stating there is so much going on in the world everyday. I give my regards for the people who love ones have been kidnap from the bus of Cameroon and for all the people and children who had died in the plane crash. My heart goes out to everyone who are in pain. If I could could give each of you a hug I so would.

In three more months I won’t be in Germany any longer, but will for sure be back in three more years. Each week I remind myself that because each move I have to let go of things. Each move I cry, scream, or turn numb because I am ‘messy’  as my husband would say. Not in the term making a mess but to be more so a packrat. Which end up creating mess in the long run. I am a person who buy ‘almost’ two of everything. I collect bottles, containers, and plastic wears. Why buy Tupperware when you can get it for free (not really) when you are buying food. I have a thing for colors of bottles and the shapes or style. Not normal bottles. I use to do tons of cooking, baking, and dinner parties. they looked so pretty and interesting on the table not only that but they had functions. Can containers are so much like Disney cans, pin up cans (I love the 50’s), and cans I can use to cut out shapes with for baking instead if not put things in. Well each week I have slowly been letting go and have threw away half of everything I have without my husband doing it for me. But stuff in the kitchen! No where else so far. I have 8 bags of sugars I need to give away. I can’t see throwing them away. They are still good and unopen. I have threw away also many of my spices, baking goods, and etc. I have to be real to myself. I love baking and cooking but at the moment my passion is photography.

A person asked me recently can I do dreamy photos. I told them yes but I don’t do them and explained. For me I am a photographer that love tack sharp images. I like a photo to look like a photo. Yes, it can have some depth of field that it is a bit shallow which will be made in camera. But to put it there in photoshop is not me. It is okay to be a photographer who do not do all style of photos, it really is. I do erotic shoots and some people ask if they can bring in a snake into the shoot. I tell them no. I don’t do snake shoots. Lizzards, dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies, yes. Anything that look like a rat, mice, or snake…ummm no.

I want to talk more on the topics to be true to yourself but I don’t want this to be a long post so I stop here. The weather is so nice outside I want to enjoy it for a while with our convertable top down. Plus we need to get some stuff done for the house we are building. It is so beautiful! Maybe once it is finish build, I will post an outdoor photo of it. It is more so American style home, with possible of 5 bedrooms if we wanted and not small size rooms, but  nice comfortable sizes,  more so on the inside and modern on the outside. My husband designed our home. That is another reason why I am proud and love the design. Things that we always wanted to have it is being place in our home the exact way he designed it. To bad we have to wait three more years to live in it. But it is okay. We were looking for a place to call  home for years. Been picky and could not find what we both like until we found land and agree to build it the way we want it from stratch. Years of waiting and searching was worth it. I write more about our home in a future post. I did my last editing this morning that I really don’t feel like being on the computer today. Wishing you all a great week and weekend!



Lora Victoria Fotografie

Bitching and Raving

March 12, 2015

Dear Readers,

I was going to write about yesterday but I just finish installing a system in my studio that I must bitch about. What is up these days with manufacture not sending instructions with their products for how to install or put together. Okay yes, thank goodness for the people on youtube because they truly help me many days. But when not on youtube I am pulling my hair out.

Last week one of my dear photographer friend and I did a shoot in my studio. He was asking me why don’t I have a system to roll up my paper so that I can use more space in my studio. I told him my walls are not even this is why I have the system I have. Then he asked me if I remember his studio and the system he use. I told him ofcourse, but his walls are flat. Then he said he will send me a link later that day on what he is talking about and the light bulb in my head said oh yeah and wrote back still can’t use it my walls are not even. He laugh in his email and wrote back and gave me two links of what I need to buy and it totally make sense because it is not use on the wall but with my system.

Today is cleaning day. Normally when I am tied down to editing I let the house go if I don’t have anyone coming to me. It is not running anywhere. But when one come to me for an appointment they must walk through the house to get to the studio because the door is block with props and chairs plus they have to get dress in the bathroom anyway, which still take them throughout my home. So really no biggy, but all must be clean not just straighten, lol. Back to ranting. So I open up my boxes and first thing I do is look for a manual or instructions. Nada! I search on the internet found nothing. I search on youtube and same. I was like how in the hecky do I put this crap together. It look easy enough but I did not want to be wrong and rip my paper or break anything in the process. Next smart thing to do was to look for the item and all the photos off google image search to get some clue to put everything together. Why did this took me a hour to do something so simple. Maybe if someone was around and I had help, it would be quicker…maybe. But lifting a roll of heavy paper that is over 6 feet tall and trying to balance is crazy! Once all was done I had it working and was happy. Now I can use more of my studio with the background paper being off the ground . I have a boudoir shoot tomorrow and on Sunday and both shoot will need a lot of space to take the type of photos plan and requested.

One day I will post a recent photo of my studio. So many things change now that it is crazy. I have more softboxes and more lights, and my greedy butt want one more light and two more softboxes. But my friend told me last week how to make the softbox that I want. Which is really cool. I tried it out and it gave the effect but some days I just want the real thing instead of doing tricks. This way I can just have everything studio wise. My friend and I are always looking at photo stuff online and emailing it to each other and I think our photo gears obsession will never end, lol. Great guy, photographer, and friend. Love him to pieces.

Back to cleaning I go, break over. WordPresser have a great week and weekend!



Lora Victoria Fotografie

I struck Gold … maybe

February 24, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have three more shoots to edit and deliver before the weekend shoots pile up on top of those. I have pretty much every weekend book out by clients and model shootings. Which feels so nice. Today after I finish editing a fun shoot I went for a walk to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. Everyone who know me, know going for a walk means that shopping is some how involve. Sad to say it is more for shoots then for me personally. You would hate to see how much props I have in so many rooms (running out of space!).

As I was walking something told me to go into this antique store. Sometime they have nice stuff (mostly over price) and other side they have, …yeah. It did not hurt to stop to go in to see and I am so happy I did. I have been looking around for this one item for years! Problem is this item is a bit big and too heavy to walk home with. The hour of operation my friends with a car and husband are at work. I could try on Saturday but I have a shoot plan. I know the store will be close again by the time the shoot is over. Sadly in Germany some stores close way to early. I am going to try my best to see if I can get it this week. I know this item won’t stick around for long. The price is decent and I can use it for many creative shoots that I have in mind. Wish me luck!

About to make me a bowl of soup and go back to editing. Wishing you all a great week.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

The Biggest Compliment that I will always Enjoy

February 13, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have been off the grid for two weeks with high fever, dizziness, and ache. Many shoots I had, I had to reschedules. Thank goodness people understand that we all are human. I been taking medication, tons of rest, and limited my computer time. But using my phone to stay in contact with the world for limited time per day. I am finally feeling like myself again. Not 100% but good enough for two big shoots this weekend. One of this weekend shoot I can discuss because that one is a model shoot. I have a model who will be driving 3.5 hours to me for a shoot. We have been planning out the details of the shoot since November. We are both excited about the shoot and can’t wait to meet.

For me this is a great honor when customers and models travel to me at quite a distance just to stand in front of my camera. They could easily go to a photographer in their area but instead drive such a distance for me to capture their beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and happy for anyone close by or at a distance who bless me with their present.

What make me so different from other photographers? I honestly don’t know. I am just being myself. Maybe that is what make me different. I have two other special shoots coming up later this month if not for sure in March. Also a model from a distance who want to try out one of my crazy idea. Looking forward for that shoot as well.

Time is flying and I have so much ideas I want to do before moving but at the same time focus on my business. Let’s see how much can be done. Wising everyone a wonderful Valentine weekend! If you are single go out and shake your tail feather with some friends.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

Erotic Boudoir Photos

January 27, 2015

Dear Readers,

I love being a photographer. I love being able to capture the many emotions  in life.  A day without photographing or editing is a bit boring for me. I can always feel something is missing. Valentine is around the corner I am getting more requests in making erotic photos than normal, which is great! I was debating if I was going to make a first time offer on my FB fan page “Lora Victoria Fotografie” still debating, but so far people have reached out to me and contacted me for a shoot plus made shoots.

Photographing erotic boudoir shoots for me is so much fun and so beautiful. At times I end up crying along in happy tears with the clients. Doing an erotic shoot is not so easy for a person in front of the camera. To slowly take off their clothing in front of a stranger is sometimes uncomfortable. Many people have an issue with their body that at times they feel comfortable and sexier in the dark. Which is ok. Erotic photos are not only sunshine over lit photos. They are also dramatic photos with low key lighting. Settle enough to make the clients feel comfortable and let out their creative side if not naughty side.

My service is not only for females but also for males. Believe it or not in erotic shootings I get more male clienteles than females. People assume it is because males are confident of their bodies. You be surprise that males have the same issue as females.  They should also be treated with the same sentimental approach and respect.

That being said, I am about to go back to editing. Wishing you all wonderful week!


Lora Victoria Fotografie


Name something Dumb you have done when you were a Child

January 14, 2015

Fun post I will keep the comment section open if you want to leave a comment. Normally due to me not having much time on the internet last year I shut down the comment section of my page so that I won’t seem rude to respond back to comments from my post a week later. Taking a break from editing I came across a news feed on my friend wall.  We have known each other since the start of middle school.

Reading the comments were truly funny and my response was daring myself to climb up the pine tree in front of my mom house to the highest point I could go and getting stuck up there for a while until my brother and cousin help me down. Then my friend response was if I try a little bit harder she is sure I can think of dumber things we have done when we were children. I couldn’t, this was the first thing that came to mind.  Then she remind me of when we were in science class together and we had the food fight. Automatically something snap in my head of them throwing my brickscuit. See this is what they call it that day. We all had to bring a food item to science class and I remember that day I was suppose to bring the biscuits. I forgot to set it out on the counter to thaw out. Instead the day of class I threw them in the oven thinking the ice will melt out as it bake. Well yes and no. They came out looking nice but a bit hard. By the time I reached to school it was brick hard. I thought nothing of it. My friend who bought up this discussion was the one who ask me if she could have one. She took it and knock it on the counter and said what did you you bring brickscuit! I said no biscuit it still taste just take your time and eat it, lol (funny I am still the same way but now instead of brickscuit I am making burn food). All of a sudden I see my biscuit flying across the room knocking out people. Then people start to throw their own food at others. It was one fun messy day. A day I have never forgotten but never thought it was something dumb I have  done  when I was a child.

After she jog my memories I then remember something that was really dumb I did just to get a quarter. See a quarter back in the days when I was a child was a lot of money. Yes, we all laugh now but everyone in my generation or older know this. Snickers use to be .10-.15 cents and a quarter which was the last time I bought a snicker when I was a child.  I was up in the attic of my mom’s house and the attic was like always an adventure for me. It was not insulated and at that time my mom use it to store up things she did not use. I guess how attics look like in the movie with children in them. Same look and feel to it.  One day I seen a quarter through the crack of the wood on the floor my finger was too thick to get it so I ran downstairs and got a tweezer. Could not see and grab a candle (did not have a flashlight at that time). Lit the candle, place it on the floor and tried to get the quarter. All of a sudden I am smelling something burning. It was not the floor it was my bang! My bang was on fire and sizzling! I jump up and pat my head until the fire went out. End up with a new style of a bang and never retrieved the quarter from this very day. Funny to sit back and think about it.

What dumb thing have you done when you were a child that you don’t mind to share on the world wide web ;)


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