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What’s Going on with Me

April 13, 2017

Lora  Nothing much to be honest. My world is repetitious. I am still focus on my photography and my health. I have lost approximately 224lbs. I have 24lbs more to lose to be at my target goal. To be at physician target goal would be a bit more. But I am not aiming to be skinny. I am working out and eating healthy daily to be healthy. To not have joints problems and to be completely off my blood pressure pills. So far so good. It takes lot of tears, dedication, and sweat. Progress does not come fast as you want it or work hard for it but it does comes.

I have been socializing a lot. More than I have ever done in my life. Sometimes it feels like work but at the end of the day it all end well with two people or more enjoying each other time.

So what is going on in Turkey. Honestly nothing. Turkey is like any other country. It has it good days and bad days. At the moment it is election time. Hayir (no) and Evet (yes). Don’t ask what both stand for. I try my best any where I live to stay out of political discussion. It is good to understand what the debate is about. But I have no interest to voice an opinion.

I take photos daily of Turkey more so with my cell phone as I go for a walk to get in my steps. Once I organize them a bit I will post photos of Turkey to share with you. Just wanted to let you all know I am still living either though I been really quiet on here. And that life is still good. Naturally with bumps in the roads but nevertheless still good. Also would like to wish all of you a wonderful Easter holiday if you celebrate it or using the time to finally relax a bit.

Take care WordPress….until next time!

Goodbye 2016 Hello there 2017

January 6, 2017

Last year was a good year for me. I live as always in a foreign country. For 2016 it is Istanbul Turkey. Since living here I have learn how wasteful of a person I am. Each day I encounter someone who could be in need of what I over buy or have thrown away. Therefore, I am always giving when I can. I don’t over buy things any more. I buy only what is needed. If I have too much of things such as food I share it with people who are less fortunate and also fortunate as I. Make no sense to buy things just for it to get spoil.

2016-12-31-17-54-00Last year I have lost 187lbs by eating healthier, walking 5-15 miles everyday, working out 1.5-2 hours in the gym 5 days a week, playing soccer, a great dietician who is also a friend, and just having a change of thinking. Because I have lost so much. I have donated 9 full garbage bags of clothing in the clothing bin near by. I am proud not only to lose the weight because it is not easy. But to be able to help others. I still have 64lbs more to lose but you know what I am loving the me right now. I will get to my goal maybe Fall if not Winter of this year.

Photo wise I am still doing great. I have been published a few times again last year. I have taking photo of Miss Earth Austria 2015 for her portfolio when she was here in Turkey. It was a great honor to capture her beauty and also Daniel Wallerberger. Both Austrian models. Before I get too chatty I leave you with a video from all my shoots of last year on youtube “Lora Victoria Fotografie-New Year-2017”. Just encase the link does not show you can find it on Youtube with that title. I hope that your new year is starting off great fill with love, happiness, and success!

Always with love,

Lora Victoria Fotografie


Dieting is like another Job

August 16, 2016

I swear I hate to diet and yes doing something everyday will turn into a habit that it no longer feel like work. But at the moment it feel as that to me. All I think about daily is food! What should I eat, that I have been doing meal plannings to keep myself organize. Which help me to avoid eating so much crap. Exercising daily and switching it up so that my body can rest a bit.

Some days I just want to say forget it and I have to remind myself how hard I work and in due timing I will reach my goal sometime next year. Feel like forever but time always fly.

Last week I have met one of my mini goal weight. Which is always a 20lbs lost. Some people do 50lbs as a mini goal. I do 20lbs. It does not take forever like 50lbs, lol. Each mini goal hit I change my hairstyle to symbolize a new me. Each mini goal I feel exhausted. I beat up my body so much from extreme exercising, sports (I play soccer),  and very long walks. Eating to darn healthy that I think my body goes into shock when I bite a piece of chocolate, lol, seriously. Therefore, after each mini goal I reward myself by resting a bit. Doing lite work out. Eating a nice size steak now and then and enjoy a scoop of ice cream if not a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I do this just for one week. So that the body can go back to a normal state and do what ever it needs to do internally. Then the following week I go back into beast mode. Crazy I know but it work! The body needs time to do what it needs to do to repair it self. It can not lose weight each week non stop without some type of damage. And as I mentioned after my mini goals my body feel extremely exhausted and yes I do take vitamins and I rarely take in caffeine. My body is just tired.

I need to get out of here and get dinner for the hubby for later, a new phone card package, while I get in some fresh air walking slowly in the heat. No power walk this week. Just an enjoyable people you can walk around me walk, I am in no hurry 🙂

Have a great day WP. I leave you with my new look at being 278lbs. Never in my life would I be happy to be at this weight. But coming from 430lbs (when I seeked help….only God know if my weight was higher because I literally stop weighing myself for years until I met my dietician in Germany).

Lora Victoria Fotografie, diet, weightloss

278lbs and proud. Have a long way to go but in due time I will get there no matter how long it takes!

Keeping Focus

August 14, 2016

I have not wrote on WP the longest but I have been reading on and off many blog posting when I have time. Many of you know that I have move to Istanbul Turkey and will be living here for a few years.  In the beginning as all move I was a bit bored and depressed. But as I started to explore and learned the area I felt like me again.

I have met a few people I can call a friend to chit chat and hang out with and also a few associate. Some have blessed me with their beauty in front of my camera and the other blessed me with their company meaning to be able to hang out and kick the breeze if not heat, lol.

I truly love it here. It has it good and bad days just like so many places. But we all must live and move on; and not think too much of the what ifs.

I have also been keeping focus of my health. My health have been going down hill for a long time because I literally gave up on life and stop caring. One day I snapped out of it and cried like a baby. I had needed to learn how to re love myself and the body that I carry around. I seek for help with the support of my husband. Found a German dietician that spoke  English and she helped me with rethinking of what food mean to me. Allow me to eat what I like but with portion control and most of all she was understanding to my feelings. She actually listen. With her help I lost 30 lbs moved here and found another dietician that speak English also and have lost the total of 152lbs.

Losing weight is freaking hard work, very exhausting, and not at all easy as gaining. I literally work out every day, weight training and aerobic. I have no day that I can say I do nothing. Because then I want to be lazy again the next day. Therefore, my rule to myself is atleast one hour of exercise per day no matter what it is. My max is 8 hours.

My husband as just enter the room and disturb my thought process. Might be a good thing as it look like my post is getting long. Just want to write really that I will start blogging again. As usual blog when I am emotional..happy, sad, frustrated, and etc. I won’t turn off my comment section as I normally do. Just encase if I can help someone with also losing weight or etc. But I can’t promise I can answer right away. Because I honestly don’t have my computer turn on then twice in the week. Everything I do internet wise is with my cell phone. Below I will post a photo of a before and after. Not current. I have lost maybe 30lbs since I made these photos into collages. The young lady next to me is one of my dear friend who allowed me to capture her beauty that day. Have a great day WordPress!


Dark Beauty Magazine

January 19, 2016

Yet another publication I am so proud of! Last weekend I woke up with joy to see both on Instagram and Facebook my photo “Manoym” was publish online Dark Beauty Magazine. Last year and the year before has been blessed years for me. This year it is starting off the same. Normally I let the model share the good news, but this model is not on Facebook so I shared it instead.

It was a wonderful surprise when I whatsapp the model with screen shots of both platform ratings. He told me congratulation and I told him no, congratulation to us! My dream has always been to be in Vogue magazine. I don’t know if I will ever make it but know what, I am going to enjoy the process trying!

Wishing you all a great week!

Lora Victoria Fotografie

Goodbye 2015 and 2016 I can’t wait to meet you

December 28, 2015

I have not been writing for a while due to life happening. I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year! Let 2016 be all that you wanted out of 2015 and much more!

Below is a video I made of 2015. Some of the photos you will see in the video was in magazines publications this year. 2015 was truly a wonderful year for me with a lot of success. More than I could imagine. I am truly thankful for everyone who came into my life and helped me to where I have gotten so far. Forever grateful!

Lora Victoria Fotografie – Happy New Year – 2016


Doing what you Love

October 19, 2015

Dear Readers,

I am so getting use to Turkey and is enjoying many of the weird and awkward moments. There are so many places and things to see. My husband tell me to explore not only on the weekend with him but also in the week instead of doing boxes. I be darn if those boxes are still out by the time the New Year kick in! I want to see the beauty of this place and start inviting people over for dinner. I miss our little dinner parties.

Since I have been here, I have been doing street photography. I plan to make a photo book of Turkey for family members and ourselves in the future. I love street photography! Do you know when I first start taking photos it was street photography, nature, and objects. In Germany I was too busy and focus to do much street photography. Now I am taking the opportunity to do so and loving it! Like for example last weekend I did night photography. Night photography is the bomb! I love the illumination of the lights and the atmosphere.

I have so much photos that I am sharing on my Facebook photo page. I think starting tomorrow I will upload one photo everyday except for the weekend. I am not a weekend uploader. So if you are interested to see all that I capture behind the lens you are welcome to swing by.

Also last week I have been getting some nice emails of people interest in hiring me for weddings for next year and photo shoots for Christmas presents. Another a young lady who would like to assist me and learn at the same time. I guess like an internship. I was like wow. I wouldn’t knew all this if my web developer did not email me to check my business email. I had announce to everyone on my private page, public page, and etc that I will be moving here for three years. I was not expecting anyone to write me requesting to hire me for anything. Last week I felt good that people like my work enough to write me to hire me to take their photos. This was my highlight of last week.

With that said, I am about to start my morning with some boxes. Have a great week WordPress!


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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