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Doing what you Love

October 19, 2015

Dear Readers,

I am so getting use to Turkey and is enjoying many of the weird and awkward moments. There are so many places and things to see. My husband tell me to explore not only on the weekend with him but also in the week instead of doing boxes. I be darn if those boxes are still out by the time the New Year kick in! I want to see the beauty of this place and start inviting people over for dinner. I miss our little dinner parties.

Since I have been here, I have been doing street photography. I plan to make a photo book of Turkey for family members and ourselves in the future. I love street photography! Do you know when I first start taking photos it was street photography, nature, and objects. In Germany I was too busy and focus to do much street photography. Now I am taking the opportunity to do so and loving it! Like for example last weekend I did night photography. Night photography is the bomb! I love the illumination of the lights and the atmosphere.

I have so much photos that I am sharing on my Facebook photo page. I think starting tomorrow I will upload one photo everyday except for the weekend. I am not a weekend uploader. So if you are interested to see all that I capture behind the lens you are welcome to swing by.

Also last week I have been getting some nice emails of people interest in hiring me for weddings for next year and photo shoots for Christmas presents. Another a young lady who would like to assist me and learn at the same time. I guess like an internship. I was like wow. I wouldn’t knew all this if my web developer did not email me to check my business email. I had announce to everyone on my private page, public page, and etc that I will be moving here for three years. I was not expecting anyone to write me requesting to hire me for anything. Last week I felt good that people like my work enough to write me to hire me to take their photos. This was my highlight of last week.

With that said, I am about to start my morning with some boxes. Have a great week WordPress!


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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