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Feeling Sexy

October 9, 2015

Dear Readers,

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There is nothing wrong about feeling sexy when you are home alone, lol, I am so serious. I have told a few of my friends this and the first thing they did was laugh when I said that. Seriously, sometimes being at home taking care of the little one(s) or being a house wife can be depressing….some days. You can’t wait on people to give you happiness or to make you feel sexy. “You” have to do it for yourself!

My answer to that is get out the house and get some fresh air, go shopping, hang out with a friend, take the children to the park, or go exercise. All these activity would force you to put on clothing, make up your face and hair. But when stuck at home you are slumming around in your pajamas or nothing at all looking comfy crazy. My answer to that is girlfriend place on a sexy panty, if you like pantyhose place that on too or alone:) find a bra that make your breast say helloooo. Make your face up. Place some music on and do your hair. Spray on some perfume. Turn off your phones so no one interrupt your process. If you have a child set that child infront of tv show for 30 minutes (normally I am against this, but when mommy need time out to take care of herself do what you got to do that won’t harm the child). Place on a top with jeans that show your curves if not then a dress that make you feel sexy. So when you pass your reflection you smile at that hot momma you see! And when the hubby or partner come home they can go “wow, where did you went today” or just enter your home with a smile. Don’t forget accessories. Accessories accessories I will always say…bling bling, lol. Seriously do the complete look. Do it for you! Do it for your self esteem! Baby you are beautiful! No matter what size you are and what flaw you have. We are all human.

Quick note to guys, this note goes out to you too! The only difference would be groom yourself to how you like it, take time out for yourself, spray on some cologne. I would hate to say put on clothing. Because I find a man sexy in boxers and a muscle tshirt….hot!  But put on what make you feel sexy and follow the rest of the direction above. You are worth it! You are hot!

Wishing you all a great sexy day and weekend!

Lora Victoria Fotografie

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