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Vogue and Thoughts

September 10, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have so much to write about but will summarize some of my days and thoughts in this post before getting to what I really want to write about. Bare with me. A couple of days ago it was cold and windy. You all know my love with water my other love from mother nature is wind. Yes, even when it is freezing. Wind is also magical to me and drama baby. cold cloudy dayOne morning after breakfast I went to the balcony of the hotel. I saw how the leaves of the trees and stems were waving to me saying hello come out and enjoy the wind. So after a few minutes smiling to myself of watching the trees tempting me I went quickly to my room place on my swimming clothing smiling so contently and jump right into the cold water. I knew it would of been cold since outside was and no sun was shining. This is why I jump in to get it over with. Like I tell the models I worked with immerse themselves and give it a few minutes. Their body temperature will get use to it soon enough. My last shoot last year was in September in Germany. The weather was warm, sun was shining, but water was freezing cold. All the models and I was shaking in the water but happy about the results, lol. My photographer friend saw a model that we froze in the water last year with me and she said she want to shoot with us again but this time in warmer water, lol. He told her he will tell me, lol. Point is that I swam and exercise in the pool for a good hour or so alone. A few people came out to enjoy the wind and read a book but the pool was mines for that day. Felt so good to dare myself and enjoy it never caring, as usual, what one may say/think.

Today I am sitting on the floor of my apartment. windowThe movers should of came today but they are held up in customs and will not be here until Saturday morning. My husband called and told me I should go back to the hotel and relax. I told him I go later. I go do some shopping plus I want to see how the walk is to the store that is 10 minutes in walking distance. As I walked I noticed the side walks are really high. You could do step aerobic on them. But this is not every where. They are narrow for sure. Sometimes with bushes creeping out the wall forcing you to walk in the street. Now I understand why so many people walk in the streets. Walking to the store was not bad it was nice since it was going down hill. Coming back up was the killer to remind me how out of shape I am. Next week my diet and exercise regimen start back. I need to find out if they have pilate or yoga here if not find a class for it. My doctor in Germany told me to take a class it is good for my back which effect the pain in my heart. When the muscle is tight uncomfortable pain in my heart area starts. Before I end this morning and go on the next topic. I must say I think I understand the dog that growl and bark at me last week. I think some people are like dogs or atleast that dog. I am a big, dark, woman that wear big hair. I love volume. Many people no matter what country I am in stare at me except for the State. I am starting to think if it is not only my weight and my skin color it must really be my hair. For example a girl today said “wow” and call her friends to come take a look. and a guy yesterday did the same. I of course said hello to them in their language which always surprise them because they think I understood what they said, lol. I think if people find me to be interesting, that dog must had also. Everyone who past the dog was white and was normal daily looking to him/her. When it saw me I was the tasty dark meat. Maybe that can be a positive thing for me here in the future. I let you know if so.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

I am a Vogue girl for life! My first Turkey issue. Came with three magazines for 9TL which is 3 Euros. Can’t beat this price! In Germany I buy Vogue each month and America = money I could save for a new lens. Here I can buy Vogue and actually be saving!!! 🙂

Now for the reason I wanted to write. Everyone who really know me know I love Vogue. I love Vogue for a long time.  What is the reason I love Vogue? Easy, I love fashion. I love how interested the photos are. I typically look at thousand of photos per day. Honestly, the good one keep my attention for more than a minute the okay one for a few seconds. What make a photo interesting? The color, the style, and most important the lighting. A good photographer know from a photos what lighting and modifier are being used. In what direction the photographer is shooting from or where he/her is standing. If a photo has been photoshop to what extreme. I analyze many photos that keep my attention. As I study them to advance myself. Granted I have taking and will take always tons of workshop to get hand on experience but also studying photos will help any photographer to better their techniques/skills. Oh yeah another reason I love Vogue because it show what is hot in the industry meaning photograph style and color choice editing. At the moment I notice rich in color, tons of noise and grains/high iso are being use, not so much shallow DOF as many photographers are using for portraits more so F8 and higher to show details. Also over expose photos meaning on the body and face is highlight to show a great contrast. Photos like that I hate but in Vogue and other magazines it is the in things such as over 15 years ago. Fashion and photography styles always come back into play. One last thing. The beauty of posing. In Vogue issues the poses are so gentle, elegant, normal, and relax. I love how a simple pose with the right clothing, model, simpleness in background, with the right hair do can make such a big impact on the photo…don’t forget also editing style. Before I end this I want to say also that I have been noticing cloth background painter style are really coming back into play. They are quite expensive but beautiful no matter what DOF a photographer use. My husband told me last year to buy one, but I can’t see spending tons of money on a background at that time, plus I did not needed it. I will though in three more years.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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