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A Little Pampering can truly make a Person Feel Awesome

September 7, 2015

Dear Readers,
This weekend was really awesome. We did our normal shopping and exploring together and yesterday my hubby treated me to a 160 euro haircut, color, and kind of a style, lol. Kind of is because my hair is 100% natural and not everyone can work with my hair. I do give them pointers for even trying. I felt so freaking awesome!

I use to color my hair once a month, then once every three months. Then 6, and now a year. I enjoy being chemical free and really try hard to go without coloring my hair; plus I love my gray hair. Honestly I do. I am curious to see the growth patterns. Some people have some beautiful salt and pepper hair. My husband like it black, red, or to have a little highlight, but no grey. So yesterday was not only a treat for me but for him too:)

I have been growing out my hair for 5 years just getting the ends cut. Sad thing is that I don’t wear my natural hair out much in public just at home. I told myself since we are going to pay a lot I might as well get a real hair cut. Therefore, I got my hair chop off and my first Turkey hair service. You should of heard my husband not too short please, lol. And me saying it is only hair. My hair is color with blue highlights on my gray, cut, and kind of style. Two of the hairstylist made me smile. They were playing with my hair when it was wet watching my hair snap back like a rubber band. When they blew it out, they were like wow you have lot of hair, lol. I get that comment and reaction once a year when I straighten my hair out to see how long it has grown. I typically don’t use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron in my hair either. This help reduce having tons of split ends. Tried blue eye liner because the guy said it match my playful personality, lol. Tried to have the same thing done in Germany and every salon I went to was so afraid to touch my natural hair. I noticed since my last visit here they are very comfortable tackling with my type of hair. Took the whole team, 5 people to do it. Very happy with cut and color. Styling was not a big importance to me. Plan to braid it back up today before it begins to tangle and wait until my products reach to wear my own hair for a while curly again with my new hair cut. I do love my curls when they are tame.
First Turkey Hair Service
Once my hair service was over, the hubby said okay lets go to the spa and then get my foot and nails done. I had to tell him no we did enough for today. Even though we both have back pain. I don’t want to spend so much money all in one place. We agree to explore the city little at a time and get services at other places. And if push come to shove that our backs are severely hurting then the massage will come early as plan.

I just feel so energize and me again. It is funny how a little pampering can make a person feel so good. Wishing you all a great start in the week.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

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