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Stray Animals

September 3, 2015

Dear Readers,
I am a late sleeper but an early bird. It always been that way since I was preteen and got worst once I began to be a photographer. I can live on 4-5 hours of sleep and still have energy. Lesser I am a zombie or cranky, even though I push myself to test how long I can go without sleep and still function which was exactly two days. Always wanted to see if I could go to three days but been to darn tired to even try.

This morning I woke up to the beautiful sunset rising on top of the ocean/sea. I love sunsets and sun down. Many people know I love nature but hate bugs. I love hiking but for finding locations not for the point of exercising (when I do things I love for me it is not exercising, it is fun and enjoyment). I love animals but as long as they keep their distance, don’t bark, or jump on me.

This morning I woke up early and saw one of the most beautiful sunset I have seen since I was a child. I think because it was raising above water and I love water also I am  fascinated about it. How the moonlight dance on top of the waves (took that photo recently, so beautiful), how it reflects light source, a person reflection, and what surrounds it. How it looks so dreamy and magical. I know I am weird.

Long story short is that my window was very foggy and I wanted to get the image not behind foggy glass so I went to the balcony which did it no justice. It shows the sun over some trees and pool. Cute but not what I wanted. Then I went downstairs to the pool area to go to the harbor which gate was lock. so I tried to take some photos through the gate and over. Nice but was not what I wanted I needed a clear shot. Looked to my rights and saw joggers stretching on big giant beautiful stones. Immediately I told myself a place for a future photo shoot go check it out. Walked happily to the location with a cat following me. Found the location. Went down the stairs and saw two dogs. One white wolf like bark at me as I stand at the stairs which interest me because people ran past it and walk next too it and it was quiet but as soon as I came down it begins barking and growling and no the cats was not with me. It went somewhere else as I enter the stairs area. I said oh shit to myself don’t go any farther. Then another dog came over and both started to look at me. I of course walk a bit farther away but did not go down the last sets of stairs. I was trying to wait until they walk farther the opposite way. Few minutes later two dogs came walking down the stairs ignoring me in which I like. Then join the other two dogs. Why did they all start to look at me and came a bit closer. I freaked out and said forget the sun. I might have luck some other time. I do have three years here. Quickly walked back to the hotel without looking backward. Went in the hotel and then look out to see if they followed. My plan for the sun was ruin by dogs. My plan to explore the city alone cut short. I have always been an explorer and nothing never stop me before until now….well atleast slow me down.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

You may asked why am I so afraid they won’t do anything to me if I ignore them. Not true. These are animals that live on the street daily trying to survive. No animals can be trusted. Like the animals in the wild. Some don’t care and others might for what ever reasons. Plus I have learned dogs and cats with tags in their ears are checked for rabies, animals without are not. And I saw only two dogs with tags. This is normal here to have tons of stray cats and dogs walking the streets. In a future blogs I will show and tell you how they help the animals from not starving. I had took photos months ago when I came but think the images are on my storage drive in the container.


Lora Victoria Fotografie


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