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Goodbye Germany Hello Turkey

September 1, 2015

Dear Readers,

We made it to Turkey safely! We have done so much in a short time and I don’t want to overload the first Turkey blog post in talking about three days. So I will try to break it down into a summary if I am not too long winded.

Moving out of Esslingen was a bitter sweet move. We were leaving a place we called home for 5 years and friends who were like family members to us. When leaving we gave away so many of our furniture for free which were expensive and in good shape but we had them since we moved here and wanted a new start plus we love how big and comfortable Turkey furniture are so I let go with a few tears but not much. Also when moving I promise my husband things I have not used in 5 years in the basement will be thrown away. I never thought I had so much stuff! We rented a van from Europcar and drove to the dump site.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

The day of our flight I was not happy or sad but numb. Numb that I am leaving the world I came accustomed to behind. When I left my family in the State it was a sad feeling but I knew I be back often to visit. So I was okay. Even with my husband reassuring me I can go back to Germany each month for a weekend or when ever I please. I still felt numb. Maybe in the thought I am actually heading to the airport. I am sitting in the lounge enjoying my drink. Fuck, I am on the airplane about to land in Turkey and it is not for a vacation it is for three years!

I promise my husband and myself I will live here with an open mind and not compare so much to Germany, meaning saying this suck I want to go back, lol. I will open my mind to here as I did when I moved to Germany (eventhough Germany was not new for me. I been going there many years since my husband and I have been dating to visit family members if not to explore).

I don’t want this post to be too long so I won’t write all that happen each day. I will try to write a daily post and a catch up post when I can to share my experience here. I can however say since we have been here we have done two important things. One is to go to the Florence NIghtengale hospital. It is an American hospital. Not saying that everyone speak English but there are a few English speaking doctors here.You don’t have to be in the army to go here. It is open to the public but only accept private insurance or cash. Yes, pretty expensive but thank goodness we are not sick everyday. I think they have a dentist department too. I will see later this month. The hospital look is quite wow and the cafeteria is like so upperclass. I took photos but will share later. I have tons of time. The second important thing that was a must was to get a Turkey prepaid phone card. We must stay in contact with the world and each other. For everyone who has me under Whatsapp I have place my new contact number in my status. I can also be reach by the same email.

Today I am alone for the first time and will have to take a taxi to our apartment to finalize some paperwork. I will meet my husband there. The traffic is horrible here around certain time of the day. For my husband to come get me will take a hour and another hour just to get to our apartment. I am a big girl. I think I will be okay. I have learned a few words already. More so shopping words, LOL, but it is a start, LOL.

Have a great day everyone! Maybe I write a post tomorrow:)


 Lora Victoria Fotografie

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