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Facebook is not your Friend

August 26, 2015

People really, FB is not your friend. I read newsfeeds daily from people who post their life if not deepest life stories on FB thinking that people care. It got so irritating that I had to delete some of them off my account if not unfollow. I can’t take attention seekers or negative energy. Don’t get me wrong some people  do care, but a high majority do not. You are their entertainment if not their happiness in your misery. If you are truly not happy in life please contact a ‘true’ friend. A true friend ears is always there for you whether they are busy or have their own problems. They take time out for you!

I am grateful I have ‘true’ friends I can email, call, whatsapp, viber, and that can pick me up and give me a break from this crazy world. Friends like that I will never let go and cherish until the day I die. Because those are the people who will be there for you in good and bad times. Not the people who just want to know your business or the people who act concern.

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