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Ich bin zufrieden

July 21, 2015

Ich bin zufrieden mit leben! I am happy in life. Granted my mobil data is slower than a snail, the temporary place we reside internet connection signal drop every few minutes and stay offline for 2 minute or so, until it decide to come back online. I am happy with life! This month did not work as planned. Which I was very happy for:) But now that I am here and have the opportunity to say goodbye to some friends in person and still have a few more to go, which I will do in September when I come back to visit. I hate fast goodbyes. I love to sit, chat, and enjoy the person.

The first two weeks here I did not do any photo shoots. Instead I was editing shoots to give to the models who were my last shoots and to a client. Plus I honestly did not wanted to go out and photograph in the heat we were having unless it was a pay job. I am a cranky monster when my body is over heated. I can see myself now. Two clicks shoot is over, lets go. So serious. Once it cooled down I started to make shoots again in which I so enjoy and missed. Back to back if not every few days.

Many of you know I have a huge wish list of shoots and ideas I want to get done before the good Lord take me. I know not all of them can be done right away with me being so picky on many things and details. However since I have the opportunity to be here a bit longer I have cross off some of my shooting ideas off my list and met a few people who I plan to stay in contact with. Not just for photographing but for girl chat. I am truly not a regular photographer who just want to take nice photos. I love to connect with the person I am photographing. I like to get to know the person.

I am just really happy that I got the opportunity to make some of the photos I wanted and enjoyed doing this season. I am a nature junky and love photographing in nature surrounding. I also had the opportunity from a client who model for me two years ago to take maternity photos. We have been chatting since the day of our shoot but only had one session together since she was only modeling for fun when she had time. She has gave me permission to use any photos from our session this week. Now that is cool! A past model hiring me for a job ( in which she was my fourth past model hiring me for a job since I have been license). I feel so bless. Later this week or next week I will upload a photo of our shoot. She has so many strong images as usual. She might model for fun back in the days but she moves very well and her look is so strong, plus she is beautiful from the inside out.

When it is time for me to go, I will no longer be kicking and screaming. I will go with a smile because ich bin zufrieden:)

Enough of me typing away. This weekend I have the total of five shoots to do and need to go back to grading photos from today and editing shoots from last weekend. Word press have a great day!

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