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People enter our Lives for a reason

June 23, 2015

Dear Readers,

I believe that we all come and go out of a person life for a reason. A reason that many of us don’t know. Whether good or bad it changes both party lives. I have been photographing models for two years straight. My first ‘real’ shoot was a model/photographer who I met in a photo club. She announced herself and mentioned if anyone is interest to photograph her just email her. I ofcourse email her because she was and still is friendly and did not care if one was a starter or a professional. Our shoot was great! So great that we had a few more shoot in the passing two years. I am going to miss her. She is truly a beauty inside and out and a good friend. By the time I come back to Germany she will be back in America. She gave me my confidence I was lacking.

My second shoot was with a female body builder. She was starting back into body builder and needed a few photos for her portfolio. After that shoot we took a few more later and family photos. She also gave me the push to take more photos. I remember telling her it is not easy for me to ask people. I am too shy. She pushed me to talk more to people no matter if my German is bad.

My third shoot is what escalated to the person I am now. With confidence on both shoots before. I had an idea for a shoot. In many of my photos if you l look closely it represent the person who I am or was. What I like or what I am against. There is  always a part of me in a shoot. By props, clothing, jewelries, and places I have visit and bought items from are always in the photos. Many people don’t know this. Just me and the models. As many people know I am a planner. I love to plan ahead of time and organize with detail. I am proud to say I have taught many models to do the same. So much that they asked the photographer who request them for a shoot what are their ideas, location, time, what they need to bring and etc so that they can be prepare. My babies make me proud.My third shoot was a success! It was a group shoot. I found the models from FB by posting if anyone was interested in my idea. Out of the 5 models only two were real models. Which was fine with me. I was not picky. We chat and organize the shoot in detail and it was really perfect. Even the jealous girlfriend that was there did not stop the show. I changed a few things around and everyone was happy.

With many of my shoots in the first year of photographing models, were always a group shoot. I loved it! I bought so many models together and always tell them to network and change information. I smile at many of them to this very day. They all make me so proud. Many of them still stay in contact and do shoots together. Many of them are friends that actually hang out and do things. A few of them have became really professional models and have a career by it. Even giving tips to others models who are trying to be professional.

Allowing photographers to shoot with me gave the photographers what I had when I first started…..confidence! And a chance to meet models to work with in the future. I will always do this as no one have every did this for me. Enjoy watching the network of connection continue. A model when her luck was down got hired by a photographer to work at his company. This was a photographer that I invited to a shoot. It make me always smile that I had something to do with all these models and photographers relationships. That they would not have these friendships, connections, jobs, and etc if I had not bought everyone together. I am proud to say I did that! I am happy to say I love what I do and that I had wonderful people who gave me the push and confident. I am proud to know when ever my models need me they feel free to contact me and when I am available I am there for them as they are for me. When I sadly am not available I still support them. I wish nothing but the best for them.

I am gong to miss dearly everyone who had came in and went out of my life. I have not only change  a bit of their lives but they changed mines too. This Saturday is my last photo shoot then I will be packing to start my new adventure in Turkey. My oh my, time truly fly and soon I must do the same. My next post will be once I am settle in. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.


Lora Victoria Fotografie


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