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I am not Competing with You

June 16, 2015

I must be an alien from another world and must not have much care in the world. I was never the type to compete. Sure I enter spelling bee contest and came in second place since I could not lie when the lady asked me to spell “booth”. I first thought she said boot and spell boot and she gave me a second chance with the definition and I knew right away I spell it wrong because I heard wrong, but still respelled it. I blame this on my mom for raising a honest person. She use to tell us when we were children every time you lie the devil write on his wall a stick for you. The more lies you tell the closer you are too spend eternity with him. So I never told a lie growing up. In adult age I learned to answer differently so it won’t be a lie but it won’t be the whole story either. My friends says it is still lying because information are missing. I say to each their own, lol.

When I was on the girls volleyball team and basketball team I played for fun. If we won we won. If we lost we lost. I had fun. For me that was all that matter. This attitude will always stay with me to the end of my day. I just really don’t care much. For me enjoying life each day stress free of less of stress as always been me. Maybe that is why people ask me many days why am I always happy or walking around with a smile? Don’t I have bad days? Sure i do, but if I can’t change it, I don’t want to focus on it. I must move on.

I think it is silly for people to watch other people FB page being hidden. FB created this feature over a year ago that you can watch other business page to compare them with yours. I have a few people watching me. Which I think is absolutely funny. Why hide behind a feature. Just press like. Talking about FB, I thought it was funny when back in the days and probably still now people add total strangers and other people friends from their list to have more people. Because everyone was competing to have a huge amount of friends. I always shook my head when I get friend request. Like do I know you? Sometime had the nerve to write them email asking, lol. Also what I find is sad too with FB  is that many pages are in a group for like for like. Just to have a huge number of fan shown on their page. Has the world gotten so shallow?

Around Mother day I had a young man that ran the same exact promotion I ran on my page onto his page using a photo I took of him and his family. Stamp with his photograph name on the image, in which I took. I right away corrected him and taught him what it means to be a professional photographer since he had retain his business license. He wrote me and apologize and gave me credit for the photo. I told him that when running an ad it is best for him to use a photo he took or give the photographer credit. That is only right and also professional. Also that I wish him success. For me I could care less that he copy my promotion. There are tons of photographer out there. People will go to a photographer of their choice for their own reasons.

Life is too short and too funny for me to focus on unnecessary people. I am doing well in life, business, and publications. I am not competing with you. I am doing me!

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