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How to get your Photos Publish

May 1, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have been asked by a few people how is it that I get so many of my photos publish. Therefore I will share with you a few tips. It all start from the season, location, atmosphere, sign agreement you can use the photos, and subject (person or thing). Once those have been organize and photos made then what I think is very important is how you save your images. The way I save my images on my many storage drives is different from many photographers.

I have my photo save as portfolio00 for each storage drive and ofcourse continue on with portfolio01 and etc. In each portfolio I have two folders call Studio and Outdoor with the year. Inside those folder I have a folder call Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. In those folders I have the model names. Why so technical you might ask. For me this is my organization. Many magazine and company want seasonal photos. Some don’t care.

When you search for a magazine make sure to choose a magazine that represent you and your work. Some company want you to pay for submission and others don’t. Many magazines do a trade for trade. Your photos for publishing your name and work. Which is great! Some company will pay you, publish, your name and work. Which is really great! Some magazines will only post your photos online such as FB, blog, or their webpage. Others will only post in their magazine. Sometimes in all categories. This is another reason to read carefully their guidelines because it state precisely what they want from your end and what will happen on theirs.

When your photos is organize into seasonal you can always use older photos you have taking for submission years later. But make sure they are your best photos. If they need to be reedited do so. We all grow and get better as the years go by, so let your work show your present style. Seasonal just allow you to quickly find what ever theme the magazine want. Because your are quicker to remember a shoot than remembering what model you use for a shoot.

These are my quick tips to get publish and the very last one is try to take many variation of the shoot with the subject. When I first began making ideas and photos for magazines I did not know that so many magazines wanted different variation of the same theme by having different looks. So please do not forget variation. Let your subject know that you will need them for 2-4 hours the most and why, when working on magazine submissions. I won’t stay create only photos that are creative or stand out. I have seen many submissions that was very ordinary and nothing to get excited for. But the publisher is the one who choose base on what is needed for the editorial. Wishing you all success in getting publish and when you are not publish your first few try no biggy. Really, because you have thousand and thousand magazines to try to hand your work too.

Have a great weekend,

Lora Victoria Fotografie


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