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Spring is here

April 24, 2015

Dear Reader,

Das sonne scheint, die blumen blume, und das Madchen sing la la la, lol. This is a saying I say to myself every April since living in Germany. “The sun shine, the flower bloom, and the little girls sing la, la, la:) I guess I am the little girl, LOL. As you all know I love shooting in nature. Because of the versatile background. I love the studio too because I control the lighting and get what I exactly want, but there is nothing compare to having a different background and atmosphere such as standing in nature.

I ofcourse have plans to work in both environment as always but I will try my best to get some of my outside photo projects done before July, if I can. Many of the models I work with have asked me to please do a shoot with them before I leave and I have promise some others last year in which I have not gotten to as yet. So it will be a bit tiring for me but I like to keep my words. They are all good people and without them I would not be where I am now. One should never forget the people who help them in life.

I know that I am not the typical photographer. I literally have a list of shoots in my head that I want to do and check off. I even send off a list to the regular models so if they have an interest in any shoot they would email me and let me know. For example yesterday I was so surprise that one of my favorite models (I do have a few). This one is the one who did the cancer shoot with me, to honor my friend that died. She contacted me to asked me if I am still interested to do a shoot on my list I gave to her two years ago. Because she has been watching my pages and have not seen it done as yet. I told her of course. She said great because she has been saving bags for a very long time now thinking of me. Now that is freaking awesome of her. I too have been saving bags. So perhaps next month you will see the shoot on my page when all work out well. Love that chicky. It is funny in a way, not haha way, the people you meet in life. Some start off as business and other last to friendship if not great associates.

Another shoot I will be doing in May will be more for the gallery I will hold when I come back in three years. A friend and I have been working on  creating images to be in a gallery together. Sadly it won’t happen together. We both are moving far from each other and when I come back she will then be back in the State. She is a great painter. She take photos and then paint them. You would look at the images and say wow. With my twisted mind of the body and life in a gallery together with her would be mind blowing. We still talk that we both must continue with our dreams and to still do the gallery, even when it is by ourselves. The model that will do the shooting in May, if all goes well, like my crazy ideas. So we will see. Sorry those photos will not be on FB because it is not meant for the FB audience. I am not as brave as other photographers that can display certain images of nudity on their pages. The audience I know I have on my page are more family orientated, business people, and young adults. I do have some people who like my page who don’t care about nudity as it is nothing but they are a very small percentage. This is why I don’t post the human body on my page. It would get reported as it does in some other FB group which is for showing the body because FB guideline of the nipples are broking, like OMG people really nipples! We don’t report photos with men and their nipples why report photos of females nipples. People are so backward and these are photographers!

I can go on longer and catch you up but I will quickly summarize. Working with the guy company is great. Taking photos of products, houses, and meeting new people each shoot. That is keeping me busy with my own customers, thank you God for your blessings, and for working with models on my projects. My photos also will be in a publication again in a Magazine.The choice is up to the publisher. So as usual I am excited to see which ones they will be displaying in their magazines. Every time my work is publish by a company catalog, magazines, show case on a site with other top photographers, or hit newspaper I feel so bless. Why, because it shows me that people really like my work to publish it and that my work is good (or as my friends and husband would say, your work is not good but great! People can get good work any where but great work is harder to find and has value). That reminds me of a another post I been meaning to write about, perhaps next time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend fill with sunshine.


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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