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I got it!

March 27, 2015

Very short post. About to go to bed. Today my husband surprised me with the two softboxes on my list. I was in total shock (so happy I did not buy them, lol). I have one more light gear thingy on my list but it would rarely be used anyway so not a big biggy. All I have now will give me the effects I want in my images.

I got a company photo shoot job today. Hubby and I had a meeting with a guy and he asked what do we do. I told him and my husband started to brag about me. If I could turn red, I would, like geeze wheez honey, really, stop it, lol. It was so nice of my husband. If you could hear how proud he was of me. He is like my number one fan who is so critical and honest with me. I gave him my business card so that he could see the quality of my photos. We parted and went our separate way for lunch and after lunch we met again to finalize a few things. He told me he looked at my website and would like to do business with me. You just don’t know how that made my day! This could be long term. Well for three months when he need my service and if all goes well when I come back too.

Maybe I will get my camera and dream lens that I so want. It is a rumor Mark4 will be coming out the end of this year. If it is true I can wait. I hate to get the 3 and then the four comes out. But I do so much want my dream lens with or without the new camera. The camera I have been using have been doing great by me. I have no problem not to update it for a while if not needed to.

WordPresser have a great weekend!



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