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Be True to yourself

March 25, 2015

Dear Readers,

I would like to start off by stating there is so much going on in the world everyday. I give my regards for the people who love ones have been kidnap from the bus of Cameroon and for all the people and children who had died in the plane crash. My heart goes out to everyone who are in pain. If I could could give each of you a hug I so would.

In three more months I won’t be in Germany any longer, but will for sure be back in three more years. Each week I remind myself that because each move I have to let go of things. Each move I cry, scream, or turn numb because I am ‘messy’  as my husband would say. Not in the term making a mess but to be more so a packrat. Which end up creating mess in the long run. I am a person who buy ‘almost’ two of everything. I collect bottles, containers, and plastic wears. Why buy Tupperware when you can get it for free (not really) when you are buying food. I have a thing for colors of bottles and the shapes or style. Not normal bottles. I use to do tons of cooking, baking, and dinner parties. they looked so pretty and interesting on the table not only that but they had functions. Can containers are so much like Disney cans, pin up cans (I love the 50’s), and cans I can use to cut out shapes with for baking instead if not put things in. Well each week I have slowly been letting go and have threw away half of everything I have without my husband doing it for me. But stuff in the kitchen! No where else so far. I have 8 bags of sugars I need to give away. I can’t see throwing them away. They are still good and unopen. I have threw away also many of my spices, baking goods, and etc. I have to be real to myself. I love baking and cooking but at the moment my passion is photography.

A person asked me recently can I do dreamy photos. I told them yes but I don’t do them and explained. For me I am a photographer that love tack sharp images. I like a photo to look like a photo. Yes, it can have some depth of field that it is a bit shallow which will be made in camera. But to put it there in photoshop is not me. It is okay to be a photographer who do not do all style of photos, it really is. I do erotic shoots and some people ask if they can bring in a snake into the shoot. I tell them no. I don’t do snake shoots. Lizzards, dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies, yes. Anything that look like a rat, mice, or snake…ummm no.

I want to talk more on the topics to be true to yourself but I don’t want this to be a long post so I stop here. The weather is so nice outside I want to enjoy it for a while with our convertable top down. Plus we need to get some stuff done for the house we are building. It is so beautiful! Maybe once it is finish build, I will post an outdoor photo of it. It is more so American style home, with possible of 5 bedrooms if we wanted and not small size rooms, but  nice comfortable sizes,  more so on the inside and modern on the outside. My husband designed our home. That is another reason why I am proud and love the design. Things that we always wanted to have it is being place in our home the exact way he designed it. To bad we have to wait three more years to live in it. But it is okay. We were looking for a place to call  home for years. Been picky and could not find what we both like until we found land and agree to build it the way we want it from stratch. Years of waiting and searching was worth it. I write more about our home in a future post. I did my last editing this morning that I really don’t feel like being on the computer today. Wishing you all a great week and weekend!



Lora Victoria Fotografie


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