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Bitching and Raving

March 12, 2015

Dear Readers,

I was going to write about yesterday but I just finish installing a system in my studio that I must bitch about. What is up these days with manufacture not sending instructions with their products for how to install or put together. Okay yes, thank goodness for the people on youtube because they truly help me many days. But when not on youtube I am pulling my hair out.

Last week one of my dear photographer friend and I did a shoot in my studio. He was asking me why don’t I have a system to roll up my paper so that I can use more space in my studio. I told him my walls are not even this is why I have the system I have. Then he asked me if I remember his studio and the system he use. I told him ofcourse, but his walls are flat. Then he said he will send me a link later that day on what he is talking about and the light bulb in my head said oh yeah and wrote back still can’t use it my walls are not even. He laugh in his email and wrote back and gave me two links of what I need to buy and it totally make sense because it is not use on the wall but with my system.

Today is cleaning day. Normally when I am tied down to editing I let the house go if I don’t have anyone coming to me. It is not running anywhere. But when one come to me for an appointment they must walk through the house to get to the studio because the door is block with props and chairs plus they have to get dress in the bathroom anyway, which still take them throughout my home. So really no biggy, but all must be clean not just straighten, lol. Back to ranting. So I open up my boxes and first thing I do is look for a manual or instructions. Nada! I search on the internet found nothing. I search on youtube and same. I was like how in the hecky do I put this crap together. It look easy enough but I did not want to be wrong and rip my paper or break anything in the process. Next smart thing to do was to look for the item and all the photos off google image search to get some clue to put everything together. Why did this took me a hour to do something so simple. Maybe if someone was around and I had help, it would be quicker…maybe. But lifting a roll of heavy paper that is over 6 feet tall and trying to balance is crazy! Once all was done I had it working and was happy. Now I can use more of my studio with the background paper being off the ground . I have a boudoir shoot tomorrow and on Sunday and both shoot will need a lot of space to take the type of photos plan and requested.

One day I will post a recent photo of my studio. So many things change now that it is crazy. I have more softboxes and more lights, and my greedy butt want one more light and two more softboxes. But my friend told me last week how to make the softbox that I want. Which is really cool. I tried it out and it gave the effect but some days I just want the real thing instead of doing tricks. This way I can just have everything studio wise. My friend and I are always looking at photo stuff online and emailing it to each other and I think our photo gears obsession will never end, lol. Great guy, photographer, and friend. Love him to pieces.

Back to cleaning I go, break over. WordPresser have a great week and weekend!



Lora Victoria Fotografie


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