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The Biggest Compliment that I will always Enjoy

February 13, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have been off the grid for two weeks with high fever, dizziness, and ache. Many shoots I had, I had to reschedules. Thank goodness people understand that we all are human. I been taking medication, tons of rest, and limited my computer time. But using my phone to stay in contact with the world for limited time per day. I am finally feeling like myself again. Not 100% but good enough for two big shoots this weekend. One of this weekend shoot I can discuss because that one is a model shoot. I have a model who will be driving 3.5 hours to me for a shoot. We have been planning out the details of the shoot since November. We are both excited about the shoot and can’t wait to meet.

For me this is a great honor when customers and models travel to me at quite a distance just to stand in front of my camera. They could easily go to a photographer in their area but instead drive such a distance for me to capture their beauty.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and happy for anyone close by or at a distance who bless me with their present.

What make me so different from other photographers? I honestly don’t know. I am just being myself. Maybe that is what make me different. I have two other special shoots coming up later this month if not for sure in March. Also a model from a distance who want to try out one of my crazy idea. Looking forward for that shoot as well.

Time is flying and I have so much ideas I want to do before moving but at the same time focus on my business. Let’s see how much can be done. Wising everyone a wonderful Valentine weekend! If you are single go out and shake your tail feather with some friends.


Lora Victoria Fotografie


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