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Erotic Boudoir Photos

January 27, 2015

Dear Readers,

I love being a photographer. I love being able to capture the many emotions  in life.  A day without photographing or editing is a bit boring for me. I can always feel something is missing. Valentine is around the corner I am getting more requests in making erotic photos than normal, which is great! I was debating if I was going to make a first time offer on my FB fan page “Lora Victoria Fotografie” still debating, but so far people have reached out to me and contacted me for a shoot plus made shoots.

Photographing erotic boudoir shoots for me is so much fun and so beautiful. At times I end up crying along in happy tears with the clients. Doing an erotic shoot is not so easy for a person in front of the camera. To slowly take off their clothing in front of a stranger is sometimes uncomfortable. Many people have an issue with their body that at times they feel comfortable and sexier in the dark. Which is ok. Erotic photos are not only sunshine over lit photos. They are also dramatic photos with low key lighting. Settle enough to make the clients feel comfortable and let out their creative side if not naughty side.

My service is not only for females but also for males. Believe it or not in erotic shootings I get more male clienteles than females. People assume it is because males are confident of their bodies. You be surprise that males have the same issue as females.  They should also be treated with the same sentimental approach and respect.

That being said, I am about to go back to editing. Wishing you all wonderful week!


Lora Victoria Fotografie



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