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Name something Dumb you have done when you were a Child

January 14, 2015

Fun post I will keep the comment section open if you want to leave a comment. Normally due to me not having much time on the internet last year I shut down the comment section of my page so that I won’t seem rude to respond back to comments from my post a week later. Taking a break from editing I came across a news feed on my friend wall.  We have known each other since the start of middle school.

Reading the comments were truly funny and my response was daring myself to climb up the pine tree in front of my mom house to the highest point I could go and getting stuck up there for a while until my brother and cousin help me down. Then my friend response was if I try a little bit harder she is sure I can think of dumber things we have done when we were children. I couldn’t, this was the first thing that came to mind.  Then she remind me of when we were in science class together and we had the food fight. Automatically something snap in my head of them throwing my brickscuit. See this is what they call it that day. We all had to bring a food item to science class and I remember that day I was suppose to bring the biscuits. I forgot to set it out on the counter to thaw out. Instead the day of class I threw them in the oven thinking the ice will melt out as it bake. Well yes and no. They came out looking nice but a bit hard. By the time I reached to school it was brick hard. I thought nothing of it. My friend who bought up this discussion was the one who ask me if she could have one. She took it and knock it on the counter and said what did you you bring brickscuit! I said no biscuit it still taste just take your time and eat it, lol (funny I am still the same way but now instead of brickscuit I am making burn food). All of a sudden I see my biscuit flying across the room knocking out people. Then people start to throw their own food at others. It was one fun messy day. A day I have never forgotten but never thought it was something dumb I have  done  when I was a child.

After she jog my memories I then remember something that was really dumb I did just to get a quarter. See a quarter back in the days when I was a child was a lot of money. Yes, we all laugh now but everyone in my generation or older know this. Snickers use to be .10-.15 cents and a quarter which was the last time I bought a snicker when I was a child.  I was up in the attic of my mom’s house and the attic was like always an adventure for me. It was not insulated and at that time my mom use it to store up things she did not use. I guess how attics look like in the movie with children in them. Same look and feel to it.  One day I seen a quarter through the crack of the wood on the floor my finger was too thick to get it so I ran downstairs and got a tweezer. Could not see and grab a candle (did not have a flashlight at that time). Lit the candle, place it on the floor and tried to get the quarter. All of a sudden I am smelling something burning. It was not the floor it was my bang! My bang was on fire and sizzling! I jump up and pat my head until the fire went out. End up with a new style of a bang and never retrieved the quarter from this very day. Funny to sit back and think about it.

What dumb thing have you done when you were a child that you don’t mind to share on the world wide web 😉

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  1. January 15, 2015 5:30 am

    Ayiyiyiyi!! Glad you weren’t burned badly! Dumb things… wow, too many! 🙂 My parents went out to dinner one night, and left me and 2 of my sisters home alone. My sisters and I decided to light candles, I have no idea why. Maybe we just wanted to play with matches. Well, we were smart enough to do it in the stainless steel kitchen sink, but of course the wax dripped off the candle onto the sink so we were busted when our parents got home. At least we didn’t burn the house down!

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