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I Am Online Baby

January 13, 2015

Dear Readers,

Yeeek! I am online! No really really online professionally! Fb has been nice to me and I gain clienteles from it as you know not even promoting myself by advertising price deals and etc but by just showcasing my work. People took interest and email me. This year I want to market myself and set my true potential. I know I can do it if I get off my arse away from the computer and learn how to socialize in person.

I am like one of the shyest person you can meet. You would never believe it when I have a camera in my hands. My camera bring out my alter ego of confidence. Take it away and you will just see me smiling if not laughing and barely talking. I have been working on myself to talk more and to socialize not caring if I sound like the idiot I am. Talking no matter if it is in English or Deutsch is hard for me, but everyday I push myself.

Yesterday I have posted on my FB photo page “Lora Victoria Fotografie”, my business website. It is user friendly in both English and Deutsch. A model, photographer, web developer,  who is a dear friend of mines have build me a beautiful professional website with all that I wanted and what we collaborated on. His professional service was a great investment! I have been trying to build the website by myself for a while now and every time I place it on the back burner. Due to editing photos, having photo shoots, or a glitch in the coding won’t work how I want it to work. Then when I finally have it all together I have learned I need to make it for  tablets and mobiles. Back to the drawing board. I tried but things have change so much since my degree. Therefore I gave up and place my ideas, design, and trust to a professional who make websites everyday. If you like my website and is looking to revamp your page or create a new one his name is Jochen Glombitza and you can find him on FB. He speak fluent English and German.

Today I will be designing my cards and flyers then create them for print. I have a few people that been asking me for cards for the longest and a place of business who told me once I have my flyer I can leave it there to advertise my service. One thing I learn in life don’t take forever to do something because things in life can always change.

I have 6 more months in Germany or a bit less but I am going to make the best out of it business wise.  Dear readers, I am wishing you all a beautiful week. Stay warm and enjoy the sun light when it does shine.



Lora Victoria Fotografie

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