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Body Image Distortion

December 15, 2014

Dear Readers,

I want to talk about a topic I write so often about, “Body Distortion”.  I work with a lot of models professional and hobbyist. And in my normal life I listen to both men and women telling me what they don’t like about themselves. Yes, granted we are human we will find some or many faults about ourselves. For some reasons we are not happy with who we are. Now I am not talking about the outer appearance. I am talking also about the inner. Because beauty for me start from the inside and will shine outward.

When a person have a clean heart, friendly, doing things for others not looking for a return, and so many other positive things. You are beautiful to me. I can never meet you and talk to you over the internet or snail mail you for years and tell you how beautiful you are.  Outer appearance is nothing when you are not beautiful inside and treat everyone the same even the person who gets on your last nerve. Looks comes and go. No matter how much expensive clothing we use to adorn ourselves, makeup we use, or plastic surgery.

It truly hurt me when I hear a person telling me that they will get surgery not for their health but to please others, for vanity, or for money. This tell me that they don’t love themselves as they should. Not saying a person must be conceited because even the most conceited person have flaws and will quickly point it out. I think God made us the way we look for a reason.  Whether born not to walk, not to see the beauty in the world but to sense it around us, to have hips that knock people out the way, no buns to slide into smaller area, bigger breasts to capture men attention, or smaller breast for men to see how beautiful your eyes shines in the light. We are all made into perfection whether we see it that way or not. People please love yourself. Your imperfection is perfection. Love your body, love yourself, and accept all that you have or don’t have.

People blame body distortion on the media, I blame it on being greedy. Wanting what others around you have and not being happy in your own skin which is only your temple or better yet shell that transform while our body is on earth. I would so like to hug everyone who come in my path and tell you, “Baby you are perfect. You are beautiful!”

Another quick note  I would like to say, “I have another publication coming out in 2015. It is an erotic publication that will be in magazines, on the net, and where else the publisher choose to showcase the photos. I am super excited and the model is too. Last year I have been publish in a Tattoo Magazine, Newspaper, Catalog, and Calendar.  Next year my work will be in many viewer homes again in different medias. Who say hard work does not pay off. I say bring on 2015 with ton of positive energy, completed goals, success, love, wants and desire to come true, and getting rid of body distortion!”

Wishing you all a great week!


Lora Victoria Fotografie

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