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A great Christmas Love Song

November 22, 2014

Dear Reader,

I love X-mas. Not the holiday or present part but more so the decoration. Each year I decorate my home once Halloween is over. As I love Halloween too:)

Why not wait until after Thanksgiving because for me Thanksgiving does not exist. We should be grateful and give thanks every breath we take as soon as we wake up. Life is not promise to anyone and having the opportunity for another day, another second to share it with someone or to do one more thing in life. No matter how repetitive it maybe. We should give thanks. All we do in life make an impact on someone whether we know it or not.

However this blog post is not about that. This blog post is about a song I heard this afternoon cleaning my kitchen that I had to dance with my mop. I have been playing it on Youtube back to back for the past hour or so now. That is how much I love it. I want you to listen to it. Grab your life partner, your child, your pet, or a broom and just listen to it and dance.

Thinkiing out loud
Ed Sheeran


If you are wondering what have I been up to, the same old thing šŸ™‚ Life is good:) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and for all the readers who are reading this please keep warm, bundle up, and be safe. I been watching the news and been seeing that many of were buried underneath 3-7 feet of snow. My thoughts are with all of you!



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