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What are your 3 wishes

October 1, 2014

Dear Readers,
3 Wishes
I tend to be a curious person of nature. Sometime curiosity is a good thing and other time not so much. I tend to wonder at times if I was a Genie (if I spelled that right) what would people wish for. Would if be the superficial money, being love, having a child, fixing something that happen in the past, wishing for a better future, being able to walk, wishing to live another person life not knowing how their life really is behind close doors, or just wishing for good health?

For me wishes are not wants but high desires. Something that always come up creeping in your brain and for you to think about it always because it has a purpose and a strong meaning behind it. A want is something you can live without and don’t think much about it. Eventually the feeling goes away. That is the difference in my opinion of want vs high desire.

What would my general wishes be if I had 3:
1. I wish for people to love and respect each other no matter how different/alike we are.
2. I wish there would be a cure for every disease, sickness, and ailment out there. That everyone could live a healthy life and die of natural cause/freak accidents/old age.
3. I wish that people can learn to be happy with what they have in life and be happy for others. Instead of trying to place bad energy on someone else by wishing them to fail. For them to get up off their ass and stop complaining how unfair/bad the world is. Nothing will change if actions are not taking.

What would my 3 wishes be for myself:
Well they are quite personal. I have share them in conversation with close friends and love ones. People who know me pretty much know without me even saying it. However I will share one. One of my wish for myself is to be a better person. This wish is so broad. It means many things to me. At times it hit me pretty bad when my mind is free. Perhaps this is the reason I stay busy not to dwell on how life is at times. Don’t get me wrong I have a handsome life but a few things need to be work on and it must start with me or there would be no change = not a better me.

So what would your three wishes be for you…what is your highest desire you dwell on? I know you have a few.

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