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Others See More than What you See

August 10, 2014

For the last few months I have been asked if I am interested to do an exhibition of my work. I think it is strange that people would just ask me that. As I see my work as okay and not top as other photographers I admire. Even today after a shoot I was asked again. Then something in me had said perhaps later this year or next year but my work is just okay for her to say, “no I have seen your work and a few others that was taking by you from a colleague and the photos are in great taste and beautiful”. I ofcourse ask what is the name of that person. As I literally am over book. Every week I have 4-5 photograph sessions and by the time I finish editing all of the session or even half it is time again for another shoot. Crazy right? I need a vacation from editing and photo shooting atleast three days, but who am I fooling. I will get so bored and be itching to  take photos as it is my passion. I have a few theme shoots I would love to do but can’t get to do them as yet because I have no time for my personal work.

The day I do an exhibition I will let you know. I have tons of photos I do not post to FB. Sorry to say FB is a playground for me to post and share a few shoots but not all. Plus not all photos are viewable for FB without offending a person base on how they think. And last I am so tired of FB compressing many of the photos and making it look like crap. Many days I shake my head and say forget it. The clients/models, everyone are models to me, when they get the photos they see they have high quality photos and not compressed crap as shown on FB. I must laugh writing that because I do get sometime emails thanking me for the photos and how they love it and what a difference it is from FB. I tell them FB is for a sneak peek, lol, nothing more.

I am about to get off here. I have to deliver three shoots by this Friday and two more by Monday as I have mentioned shoots are building up on each other and I have literally more shoots than that to be edit but everyone has their due dates of when the photos will be deliver. I am a person who keep to my word and wish for no one to be thinking why are their photos not coming on time. For me that is unprofessional. You give a client a date, then as a photographer or any other profession, you should have everything  finish and ready by date giving.


Wishing you all a great week!

Lora Victoria Fotografie


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