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July 29, 2014

I posted this on my photo page “Lora Victoria Fotografie” and I would like to share it here as well.

First I must say I thank everyone for liking my page and supporting my work by modeling, assisting me, giving me great advices (you know who you are…thank you). commenting, pressing like, and referring people to me. I appreciate all of you! I would not be getting so many opportunities to do what I love without any of you and ofcourse hard work. Mom and Heinz I am talking about both of you as well.
This morning I ran across a link that made me smile and would like to share. We all must start somewhere and later in life with dedication, hard work, and the passion to continue learning we will continue advancing ourselves. Therefore if you have a passion, it does not matter what it is, stick with it, work hard on it, and make it into reality. Then later in life look how far you have came. Cry, laugh, pat your self on the back and be proud because baby you are accomplishing your dreams/goals!

Article link:


Lora Victoria FotografieOn Facebook I didn’t had time to share my progression, due to limiting my time on Facebook because I have a lot of shoots I need to edit, but others that have been following along with me from the beginning know my development with photography.

In 2012 I had my first photographer group shoot with lighting. I was so excited and happy with the result because lighting was new to me and I seen the difference from natural lighting and using strobes. My addiction with using and learning how to create effects with lighting grew then.

2013 I started doing a lot of studio shoots to perfect the use of lighting for different effects and mood. For that you have to check out my FB photo page. I have different effects on there. Then eventually I took it out to do night shootings which are my favorites shoots. I am like a big kid and for me lights in the background is dreamy. 2014 I feel as if I master lighting. I know when to use flashes and when not too. I understood the strength to use for editing I like. Don’t get me wrong I use natural lighting as well but using flash is my love because as a candle I can set the mood when I want.

I have came a long way in a short time and very proud of myself.  I invest in what I love, literally work on it everyday, and have people around me physically and online that support my work. I will always say don’t compare yourself to anyone. It really doesn’t make sense. We all have our weakness and our strength. Yes ofcourse have inspiration but develop your own sense of style. You are y0ur own competition. Strive to be the best, work hard at what you love, and all will fall in place in due time.


I need to get back to editing. Wishing you all a great week!

Lora Victoria Fotografie

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