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A Nice Weekend Visit

July 15, 2014

friendYesterday I was on hype and wanted to write about my weekend but then later I crashed and lost the mood of writing. Eventually fell asleep at the hands of my keyboard. A few months ago a model contact me and asked me if I am interested to do a shoot with her. This is the model that live almost three hours away. The model I was so nervous to photo shoot last year. The model who is a pro and been modeling for years. I was so honor she asked me and I naturally said, “yes, ofcourse!”

The weather in Germany has been crappy lately, at least on my side. Every weekend I am moving a shoot to the upcoming weekend which is making my weekend a bit full and crazy. I was planning to take a break next month as I need to do a few things for myself but things have move all the way to September not counting the weddings and bridal party I will be doing in October. I also have a model who lives a few hours away who will be coming to me in August for a special calendar shoot. I am excited about that! Not only will my work be in that calendar but I also have three pages/months of the Tattoo and Animal calender. I can’t wait to show my mother my work. I might not be too busy posting on Fb but I am definitely busy in the background crying my eyes out for sleep but crazy me smiling once the result is done and giving to say clients and models.

I have a lot more to write about my weekend and some tips share with me that I would like to share with you. But I really need get back to editing. Once I get room for air I will post again. Wishing all you readers a great week!


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