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Busy but Loving it

June 24, 2014

I have not wrote a blog post in months. A friend email today and asked me where have I been she don’t see me much online. I explained to her I am online but very briefly to check emails, respond back, and to see how friends are doing. I have too many photos to edit and honestly don’t want to spend all my days stuck infront of the computer whether working or fooling around on it. The weather have been really decent here to enjoy and that is what I do when I take a little breaks from editing. I have learned to balance in a bit of a social life and go out with new and old friends but honestly more so that are in the area since it is easier to get to them and viversa and chill in the park if not an ice cafe.

So what have I been doing beside editing photos. Honestly nothing really just the same thing all the time. I have 3-4 photo shoots ever week, 5 a couple of weeks ago. I am doing a calendar shoot as last year. This year I have been asked if I could do three pages for the calendar and ofcourse I said hecky ya! I have been working with a few business for their products, advertisement, webpage, and etc which I think is freaken awesome. My name is getting around and people see I am capable to take more than a model photograph. Don’t get me wrong I love photographing people but to be able to work with a big company and ofcourse a few small ones as well to me is freaking awesome. Some of the companies I have work for so far could work with anyone but a few people referred me to the head bosses and they looked over my work and spoke to me boom! There are so many things currently and have happen in my life photography wise.

The month of September and October if all continue working out I will be doing two weddings and have been request from one to do a bridal shower. I am so looking forward to all of this and have prepare myself already for everything. It is funny though how I met one of the bride and groom. They are a friend of a model I photograph I think two or three times. He referred his friends to me for a photo shoot. It was there first professional photo shoot and they were very please. What I did not know is that I was being tested. A week after the shoot the groom ask me would I like to be his wedding photographer and gave me details, but to not tell his soon to be wife. She asked him to asked me and he told her I am all book out, which is believable because I really am all book out until the middle of August and ofcourse a couple of shoots plan for September, October, and December already. He want her to be surprise on the wedding day when she see my face. I told him I am good at keeping my mouth shut. So I can’t wait see her face when time come.

So many thing to do, to edit, to shoots as usual I am lacking sleep but it is all worth it. Wishing you all a great week!

Oh yeah before I go, do you remember me writing about a model who lives more than 2 hours away last year who drove to me to take her photos. Well she will be doing it again next month. She contacted me and I told her ofcourse I would love to take her photos plus I enjoyed working with her. Feel so honor.

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