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The Gooses that Attacke Me

April 19, 2014

I have been tremendously busy but have a lot to share. I will eventually do so once I slow down a bit when ever that may be. I just want to share briefly of what happen with me today because I have never in my life would ever thought I would be attack by a bird. Felt almost like the lady from Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Raven”. My storyboard of me being attack. This was the third hiking location I went to and these gooses ended my mood to continue hunting for places for today.
Big photo I thought how cute that they are coming to me. I can take their photos. Then a thought come to my mind when I can still hear them yelling and getting closer and closer fast. Oh crap, just stay still and they do nothing. I lied to myself. First small photo to the left both gooses attacking me on my left leg has I am trying to run and get away but still have the nerve to press my camera button. I am swinging my camera bag now to get them off me because they are still at it wings going crazy. I took my last photo screaming, swinging my camera bang not caring what fell out the little pockets, and running. Last small photo. This guy was close by on the bridge taking photo of the whole thing laughing and telling me to run in German. Finally got away for us to talk and he explained no one ever went down or close to the birds except little children who always try to break their eggs. They thought I was a threat once they seen me.  What a day!


Lora Victoria Fotografie - Happy Easter



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