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Cleaning your Heart, Soul, and Mind

March 6, 2014

I have written about the lost of love ones and close friends many times but I have not written about cleansing one mind, heart, and soul. How many times have you allowed people to get under your skin and eventually cut them loose but their presents are somewhat there with you in your mind? I have learned with the loss of so many people I have care about that life is really too short to hold on to all the bullshit. Yes, you left the drama but that stench of shit (excuse my language) still travel with you. Cleanse your heart and mind and truly let go. Tell that person how you feel or just write a short note saying your sorry. You don’t have to explain yourself and all the drama starts again, just say that you are sorry is enough. Whether that person take the apology or not. Atleast ‘you’ knew you wrote the letter or send that email with a clean heart of wanting to apologize. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Purified yourself of that crap. You did your part your conscious, heart, and soul is now clean. When time to die you don’t have to think about all the negativity that have happen in your life or on unneeded people. Just your fantasy of the after world and how it may look like.

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