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What is a Chili Cheese Burger

March 1, 2014

Germany Chili Cheese BurgerI have been going to small fast food joint close by always wanting to order their chili cheese burger and every time I go they are always out. Yesterday I went in and finally got my burger but not what this foreigner had thought it would be, lol. Ok, everyone who know Coney Island know what a chili cheese burger is and how one look like. That is what I was expecting. The lady came over to us and serve us our burgers. I told her this is not my order. I order a chili cheese burger. She explained to me the chili is in the cheese. I open up the burger and started to laugh she was right the chili (jalapenos) were in the cheese = chili cheese burger. I explain to her what an American chili cheese burger is and she sent her husband the cook over and he said in Germany that is a chili con carne burger. If I like they can place that on the menu. I told them cool I be back in a couple of weeks. Funny though what a foreigner have in their head of anticipation and what it really is in another country. Laugh my butt off still thinking about it. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


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