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My Favorite shoots

February 26, 2014

I am finally finish editing and need to clean up this chaos in my flat that sneak up on me every week after a photo shoot. Instead I will take a nap soon and then get up and clean. Not like the mess is going anywhere:)
As you know I love photography. I love the art, creativity, meeting new people, and the emotions. Last week I had a couple photo shoot that melt my heart. They were just too cute together. It reminds me of my husband and I when we were so playful until life grab us by the belt and tons of planning for our future came into play. Playful now is on the weekend after a shoot when we can enjoy each other company.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing boudoir, nudes, theme, events, maternity, babies, fashion shoots, you name it. But I love capturing the raw moment of two people who are in love. And getting them to do things on camera they have not done together in years. The reaction from it is always hilarious. Would I ever just do only couple shoots….naw. Limitation is not me, I enjoy the other shoots as well because you can find beauty (not superficial beauty, but in depth beauty) in every shoot without looking too far.
Couple shootLora Victoria Fotografie


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