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Are you Truly a good Friend

February 25, 2014

I am going to try to make this short. My friend is coming to pick me up so that we can go walking and to give me a break from editing.

I hear so many times from starting photographers that they lose friends down the line once they start to establish themselves. Friends that are also in the same field. It is like one is competing silently with the other. Instead of being happy or supportive. They talk behind their photographer friends back with other photographers. And instead of supporting each other by advice they are mean about it. I think it is awful that people in the same field no matter what it is can not support each other with a clean heart. Everything must be a competition.

Your competition should be yourself to push yourself to rise not to push yourself to rise and push others down as you rise. That is distasteful in my opinion. Also the opposite…you’re not doing well as you like therefore you want to drag others down with you. Awful!!! Whether your a friend or acquaintance if you start off right as being good to a person then you should not feel any threat about that person but joy about that person success. I will never understand it. I would say if that person turn out not to be a good friend or associate down the line, fill with negative, talking about you behind your back, and not supporting … wipe your hands clean. They are not worth the stress. Wrap yourself with others who are there for you. Friends are not the amount that you have. Friends are about who is there whether near or far and being a positive vibe in your life.

Enough said, I got to go! Have a great day WordPress.


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