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Photographers are Action Hoarders

February 18, 2014

Photographers are action hoarders. There are two main programs photographers use which are Light Room and Photoshop. Both programs use actions presets very heavily which result into a lot of money and later we tend not to use them at all. They are all nice in the beginning and we are excited when we see the examples on another photographer or seller photos. It is like a must to have. But when you buy the actions and use it on your own photos it does not always give the same look. You have to tweak it a lot. Then eventually some photographer as myself use only a few settings in the actions bought which is like 30% of what came with the action pack. Which so feel like a waste of money. Almost like buying a CD.

Therefore, I have been creating my own actions for a while now. I have been tweaking and mixing actions that I like and would normally use for so many of my photos, whether to start it or end it with a polish look or dramatic look. Don’t get me wrong I have seen a few actions that interest me in which I would like to try out, but for now I am okay with my action mixture as I call it, lol. Below is a recent shoot with a before and after photo. I added on a canvas touch to it since I like how it looked like a painting. The exact photo on facebook does not have the canvas texture. If you would like to take a swing over and take a look and compare you are more than welcome too. There you will see many recent photos I use my action mixture on as well. Lora Victoria Fotografie
Surgical Beauty

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