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Extra Extra Read all about It

January 21, 2014
Extra Exra Read all about it

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My new year is really starting off great! Came back and started it with a family photo shoot (who referred another family to me) and in February I am going to be feature in the newspaper along with a few other photographers and models who help raised money for the animal shelter in Stuttgart Germany.

I woke up this morning to read a wonderful invitation. I was shock because I don’t expect anything for doing charity/volunteer work. When I give I give from my heart. I received an email stating above that I am invited to be in the Stuttgart newspaper  with others above mention if I am interested or have time. I respond to that email and said, “I be there”! Ironically I don’t have a shoot that day.

I am super excited. Last year I was suppose to be in the local newspaper “Esslingen Zeitung” for charity work a group of photographers and I have done in our community and around the city of Esslingen. Unfortunately, I was not around to take place in the newspaper shoot because there was a death in the family. On the same day of the shoot and interview, was the day my husband and I drove out. I blew it off and said oh well, opportunity might come again and it has! See this is why I never cry over spill milk as I mention in my last post. When it is for you, it will come again. Life is good!

My total appearance to be in the Newspaper will be 5 times. 2 in high school (both high school news paper), 2 in college (one a college newspaper interview on my thought about the school and etc, and another in Illinois newspaper about a fashion show a friend and I had organize that was a total success…we will never forget that day), and now one soon to be in the Stuttgart Zeitung.

I am super excited and can’t wait to share this news with my mom!

WordPress have a great week!

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