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Don’t Cry over Spill Milk

January 19, 2014

Today, I had to quote my mom. My mother use to always say, “Don’t cry over spill milk. When it is not for you then it is not for you. When it is for you it will come.” I will never forget it and hope you all will also keep this in mind. Today I went to a party and the women was chatting on one side and the men were on the other side. You can imagines the conversations, lol, so opposite from each group. A lady ask me what do I do and how I got started as a photographer. What is the ups and downs, and do I think there are too much competition in that field.

I answer all her questions and explain to her that in many fields there are competitions but good competitions. Without competition one can not push themselves, but sadly I don’t compete against anyone. My competition is myself. There are many people out there that I am sure exceed all that I can do. I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. I admire their work and are proud of them because they work their buns off to get to where they are. For me to want to compete against another person is senseless in my opinion. For me to want to better myself and raised the bar make sense, plus give me joy.

I used to be on the side line and watch people take photos and admire them. Wishing I could have confident enough to do the same. I knew I could but I had a problem back in the days giving directions. I did not wanted to sound bossy. Got over that and learned it is not being bossy but giving directions with a different tone and always a thank you as usual.  My mom told me I remind her of my father who was a well known photographer. I am very precise, helpful, and silly. She is proud of me and enjoy seeing my growth. If my dad was alive he would be too.

The days of sitting on the side line is over, but I still watch and admire. I enjoy analyzing others work. Do I cry if another photographer get chosen for a shoot instead of me? Nope, I don’t cry over spill milk. I tell myself perhaps me and that person would not fit. There will be so many opportunities out there for the same shoots and even more. I smile and humbly move on.


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