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The World is your Oyster

January 16, 2014

I love that saying, “The world is your Oyster.” I think of it as my rum cake. Rum cake is also call black cake. It is a traditional Christmas cake for many Caribbean and island people. It is consist of fruits soak up in rum/red wine for a year or longer. It is flavorful when used in baking and a few bites will get you licking your lips, rubbing your tummy, give you a nice warm feeling inside, wanting more, but get you full too quickly. I need to start soaking my new batch soon so that I can make it for this Christmas.

My friends always laugh at me when I say the “The world is my rum cake”. Those who have tried a slice know what I mean, lol, and others laugh. Don’t you know there are so many things waiting for you in life you just have to grab a hold of it and actually do it? It is great talking about it but doing is so much a complete different story. I think anyone can do anything they want to unless they are mentally or physically disable and there are no possibilities. Please don’t misunderstand that sentence. There are many people in the world that are physically and mentally disable and can do so much that others can’t. Know why, because they push themselves. Why can’t many of us push ourselves to do then to just talking about it? I know I am guilty as charge. But let this year be the start of doing then talking.


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