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Stuff Noodles/Stuff Ravioli Quick and Simple

January 13, 2014

Stuff Noodle/Noodle Ravioli

I remember tonight why I did not miss cooking from scratch lately. My kitchen is a big mess and the stove I need to scrub tomorrow. Okay enough complaining and start sharing:)

Easy recipe quickly made
goat cheese/greek cheese/ or any solid cheese that can hold it shape and not melt down like nacho cheese
mix vegetables of your choice
4 scallions/green onions
Tomato paste/tomato sauce/Bolognase sauce packet

Boil noodles until it begins to lose it shape but still a bit hard. Mix up all the ingredients listed above, except for water and tomato paste, into a food processor/blender. Stop machine once food in blender look like mash potato. Remove noodles from stove and run cold water over them. Place filling from food processor using a small tea spoon. Once noodles are stuff lay them  in a baking dish and place oven on high.

Quickly place the tomato paste with water on the stove until it is a nice and thick but can still run. Use some of that sauce and poor it over your noodles. Now places the baking pan in the oven and in 10-15 minutes remove. You should see your noodle with a little crust and the sauce on top not moving.

Serve with placing some of the tomato sauce you have left over in the pot with just a little sauce on top.

What Sha Cooking?Stuff Noodles


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