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In with the New and and Out with some of the Old

January 10, 2014

Today my friend came and visit me. She asked me what is my New Year resolution. She hope it is for us to see each other more. I told her most definitely! Before I continue blah blah:) I go straight to my New Year resolution:

1) Continue being me – I like the person who I grew to be.

2) Focus on my German more:) – If I focus on my German like I focus on so many things in life my German would be fluent by now.

3) Focus on living a healthy lifestyle because it sucks – I tend to eat crap when I am editing and have not cook a meal from scratch for a good 5 months.

4) Meet up with friends more often, go to meetings more often, and cut down on my shoots a bit – I have made a nice amount of photos that I am proud of for my portfolio. I am so grateful for all those that help me. Last year my focus was to make a few strong photos for my portfolio for clienteles to see and God know from all the responses and emails I have been getting last year and this year while I was on vacation I have succeed. With that I feel confident about myself, sure about my work and ability even though I will never know everything I will enjoy always learning and bettering myself. I will never stop learning because I don’t want to stop growing.

5)  Last year I was publish and was in hundred of people homes. People I took photos of made my photos into poster size hanging on their walls, some made regular prints size and sat them on their desk, one of my photo is in a person work databank as a id and he also have it for his badge, one lady made a photo book for her husband for Xmas, and another person I know of hang one of my photo in their place of business. I am extremely proud of myself for my accomplishments. This year I plan to push myself to experiment a little bit more and push myself to see if I can take my work farther than last year. I know so many techniques but always tend to do the quickest and easiest setups. This year, I plan to have more variation in my portfolio, but still minimize my time from portfolio building and socialize more.

6) Stop being a loner – through  my entire life I have always been a loner. People tend to screw me over if not disappoint me. Therefore, I tend to do many things alone because  I can atleast count on me. If I screw myself over than that is a darn shame.

That said 2013 was a great year. I had a photo shoot for 6 months almost back to back each weekend. Created a lot of fun if not memorial photos that made me laugh if not cried. Through photographing I came out my shell. The shy Lora was not so shy behind a camera. I knew exactly what I wanted and aim for it. In times I did not needed my camera any more to give me confident. I was able to talk to people with out stuttering. I stop letting people get over me/walking on me. This chicka had enough. 2013 I grew mentally stronger and smarter. 2014 look out!

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