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The Holiday is Over

January 8, 2014

What happen last year? Man did it went by to quickly I barely remember anything I did that did not related with a shoot. To end last year I spend it and started the new year with my family. It was a nice well needed break. Came back to prepare myself for a shoot already this weekend. Workaholic you might think naw, just my passion and a request from a family that has been patiently waiting for me to get back. Which will mark my marker for every weekend a shoot is plan already to Feb and a few plan already for Spring and Summer. Yes, I am very anal and like to be organize but funny thing is the people I am around are the same. Everyone want to plan their lives to make time for other things instead of waiting for the last minutes.

I have a tons of photos that I need to edit of family members and friends this week. I want to send out their photos no later than Friday. In the US I received many surprises and a new lens. The new lens I need to play with a bit more before I actually use it on a shoot. I love the depth of field result in the photos. When I use the lens I will post the image not only on FB but also on here.

Before I end this post I would like to share a link with you. It is directions with picture example how to make ice bubble in very cold temperature. If I knew of this during my stay in the US I would of gave it a try. I saw this in my wall feed and would like to share. Anyone with any camera can try to do this. Have fun!

ice bubble


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