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Losing a Good Friend

December 14, 2013

In October another photographer and I did “Pretty in Pink” photo shoot for cancer awareness month. Many of you know that my disk was corrupted and three hours of photo shooting resulted into barely nothing but memories. The hard work I appreciate from all the models.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do the shoot thinking about a very good friend who died a couple of months ago from her second run of cancer. She was a beautiful soul. Without her I don’t know if I would of made it my first few months in Germany. The day we move in she bought down an apple pie and introduce herself. Days after that I went to give her back her plate. We spoke and that day is when we became not only neighbors but good friends. She taught me how to take the bus and the train. Took me to my first German theater to see “Scrooge” in 3D. I hardly didn’t understand it 4 years ago but I thought the invite was very nice. When my husband was away she kept my company and we drove places. We bump head a few times but always apologize with a sorry card on the door or bringing each other flowers, laugh it off of how silly and pig headed we were. Everyday I walk the stairways I think of her. I miss her dearly. May her soul rest in peace.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to honor her with the help of Leo. To capture all the pain I seen her went though and the beauty she was inside and out. Leo thank you from the bottom of my heart. You bought tears to my soul. I tried to held in my tears to stay professional, but I couldn’t held it any longer. Pretty in Pink models (Twiggy Ramone, T, Taylor, and co-photographer Face). I too thank you all, for all your hard work. I appreciate “every” single one of “you”!

cancerToday I have upload my first photo from this shoot onto my page Lora Victoria Fotografie and will upload another next week.

WordPress wishing you all a great weekend!


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