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Critique Criticism

December 13, 2013

Critique criticism, do people really want them? It boggle me at times when people ask for CC, CS4, CS2 = critique criticism and don’t really want it but instead want “look at me/look at my work…tell me how much you love it”. But when give critique criticism they get offended or make excuses for it instead of accepting what others think and should just say, “thank you”. It will always boggle me and this is a reason I minimize on giving them because some people are so superficial and really don’t want growth or critique criticism. They just want to show their work in which I have no problem in but if one want to show their work they should not ask for the opinion of others and just show their work.

Alright back to editing I go. Oh, on a good note I received an email from the pregnant model and she received the usb stick. She told me she love them and very happy she contact me. She had never had so many beautiful photos taking of her on her last pregnancy and she is happy she was open to ideas. She will refer me to her friends and see me in the Spring for the family shoot. I can’t wait!

Enjoy your day WordPress.

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