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Never felt so good

December 3, 2013

Yesterday I sent out all my photoshoots that was private and others I have shared. It has been pretty much non stop editing for total of 26 people and a company photoshoot. I am surprise I could be done with everyone in a two week time period. I was telling my friend that and she laugh and said that is not normal. That many people would take over a month if she would had the types of shoots I had. Then she said, but she would of not loss sleep either she would sleep and the photos would had to wait. She made me smile saying that, because I tried one day of not touching photos and it did not work. I tried one day of just laying in bed and all my mind ran across was that I need to get up and edit. I wish I could be so relax as she is about editing photos.

After my last edit. I smiled and caught up with friends and acquaintances. Last night I was too tired to go to the xmas market and dinner with a friend so we decided just do dinner since dinner always last a few hours of chatting. It felt so good not thinking about editing, you just don’t know.

Today I start on my sewing projects. I dig through my sketches and start pinning them on my white board. A few things that only a few people know about me is that I am organize when I want to be, lol. I draw a little but sketch a lot. I am always thinking, at times when I wake up I am like crazy dream but cool idea, lol. I am very creative, have an over imagination mind at times which I try to show in some of my work. I rather try to make something than buy it. I like old thing or futuristic things. My husband like modern things and I try my best to work around his taste, lol, when he let me šŸ™‚

I have a shoot this weekend if the model is still interested. It is a touchy shoot so if she change her mind I can totally understand. Next week I have a dress I have pin up but have not sewn up as yet but will do it shortly. I hope it fit the model. She and my mannequin is the same size, so my mannequin say, but I plan to make it bigger just encase plus I need her to move in it easily without ripping it as the materials were not cheap and is fairly delicate. If I am still in the sewing mood than I will start on the designs and items I have plan for next year shoots. I have shoots plan out onto Feb. Crazy I know, but I like to be organize and I have models who are the same, thank goodness.

I have tons of good news to share but I rather show you when time come on Lora Victoria Fotografie
Now time to crank up my music and start sewing so that tomorrow I can just concentrate on cleaning up my flat.

Enjoy your week WordPress!

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