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When you know you edit to much

November 30, 2013

Today was the first day I been out the house longer than 3 hours. Hubby told me time for fresh air plus I need to learn to balance life away from my computer. We went shopping looking at 3D televisions and still debating whether we want a 3D tv next year or a bigger tv. Still debating. While looking at one television it was crystal clear I am like that is such a perfect picture. Then I start Photoshopping the lady face in my head and moving my fingers. I at first did not notice it until my husband ask me what am I doing. Took a few second to register I was making her face acne free and reducing deep wrinkles. My husband had to say, ‘walk slowly away from the tv’, lol. And so I did.

Then later after grocery shopping I had to really go to the bathroom. I had been so tired mentally and physically that sitting down not doing anything felt good. I sat down and just space out thinking about the work I left on my laptop to be edited. Hoping to finish it up to enjoy the xmas market tomorrow and finish up sewing up a dress I made for a shoot. Stared at the ceiling in deep thought and then I heard a loud sound of gas released. Told myself okay time to get out of here.

WordPress wishing you all a relaxing if not productive weekend!


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