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It’s the Little Things

November 8, 2013

Today I had a wonderful shoot that was almost put off due to the weather. Instead of putting it off we move the day two days farther to give me enough time to find plan “B”. Plan “B” was an area that that is perfect for all type of weather because it has shelter encase it is raining or snowing. When the weather is nice outside the option is there to take photos in the area.

The family I had today was really impress about the area. It was there first time being there. I allowed them to do the tour and our photo shoot at the same time. I am not a photographer who try to cram shoots back to back or rush. I like for people to feel relax and enjoy the shoot, in which they did. This shoot was a very special shoot especially for the young lady. We are all getting older and sometimes photos are images of cherish moments that one can look at and a sense of smell or memory is trigger. This young lady asked me to do the photos because she mentioned she like my style of photographing. They are not too posy and look real. She said she can tell that people enjoy being infront of my camera and relax. It is not easy to find photographer who enjoy their work or treat people like people instead of another sale. I smile and told her thank you. I guess I am too relax and believe people should be too. If I am stress out it is like the domino affect others will be too. Plus I love playfulness and being silly. Why always be so serious.

We depart with handshake, hugs, and thank yous (is that even a word, lol?). I went to my car and took a deep breathe. I always like to sit in my car after a shoot just to relax before heading home or going shopping. Check my emails and saw three emails to my business page. I have been getting emails there like almost every month which I find pretty cool. Some of projects, others interested in future shoots, and a few people who would like to work with me if not model for me as they are into photographing as well. So look out for next year, I will be working with people who have a creative mind and a good sense of humor. I am so honor that they would like to work with me and others who have interest for me to take their photos as well work on a few projects. I have a habit to get off track a little. What I initially wanted to say is that as I was checking my message a person email me on my fan page Lora Victoria Fotografie and gave me one of the biggest compliment I received this month that I had to cry. Leaving an emotional family shoot that I am so honor that I was asked and reading the email sent to me made tears come out of my eyes. It was a lady who wrote in German. I will summarize in English.

“Hello Mrs. Victoria, I would like to tell you I really admire your photos. I have been watching your work for a long time. Sorry I can’t write in English as my English is not strong. I hope you can understand my Deutsch as I see that you write in Deutsch from time to time. I am pregnant and would love to have professional photos taking of my stomach. I know that you only take photos of models but would you also consider to take photos of me as well. I am not asking for a free service please let me know and your cost.”

After reading and translating tears was coming out of my eyes. Yah I am emotional, but dang it I am a woman, lol. It goes back to a conversation I was having with a few friends on FB and they were giving me praised of my work and how much I grew. And being me I was telling them thanks but I still have a few things that I want to perfect and be really good at. I don’t see myself as great. I see myself as “okay I am getting there, go with your bad self, lol”. I have a funny feeling I will never see myself as great. So many talented photographers out there for me to even consider myself or compare myself to them. I am just happy and truly honor that people like my work and want photos from little old me. They see something in my work that I can’t see yet. Maybe one day I be able to see what they see.


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