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How much is too much

October 28, 2013

As I was editing today I took a few minutes break to see what was going on FB and a link had caught my eyes. The link is about why people should accept themselves and ignore what they see in magazines and etc. Because the images are all edited. That was my summarizing of body acceptance article:

Reading and looking through the photos on the article I had to smile. How much is too much? In my opinion some of the photos were nicely edited a few over edited because of bad lighten. Editing a photo with bad lighting is like painting your face with mud. For a person who say that no photos should be retouch I have to ask why. I myself retouch a good 98% of my photos. Whether it is to enhance one beauty, give it more light, minus some light, add in color, texture, give it a different tone, and so much more. Photos I don’t touch are photos I think are close to perfect or just for sharing with friends, family, and the post I posted yesterday.

I notice that in many of the photos they were not only enhancing one beauty but making body parts smaller. That is one thing I am so against. I love curves. I think curves on a woman is beautiful and sexy no matter what size she may be. Many of the after photos with slimmer body parts looks so awkward.

Then tonight was a debate about this video:

The person who edited has done a super job. I really like it, but how much is too much? I have worked with models who tell me one of the reason they chose to work with me after seeing my work is because my photos look realistic. They have work with photographers who completely made them look different then how they actually look. I know that editing can go a bit far if the editor allow it or don’t take a break in between, but how much is too much? In my opinion the model in the video looked great after the MAU came in work her magic. For the company who has paid for this shoot I guess they wanted someone who was leaner, longer, and more of a barbie doll. I don’t know, but must because the editor have really done an excessive editing job which once again was done nicely but wow…really.

Sometimes you must wonder why so many females hate their body parts. Even the most beautiful females you have met that looks perfect in your eyes.



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